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Reading E-Mail
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Figure 4-25. Settings Dialog of ExtremeZ-IP Administrator Tool, File Servers tab
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objects. Managed objects are instantiated, maintained, and garbage collected within the managed environment or container they reside in. If these objects need to be consumed within data services, they warrant a factory mechanism, which can get hold of a managed object instance and make it accessible within a data service namespace. The custom factory varies depending on how the managed object is accessed. Both LCDS and BlazeDS include a so-called factory mechanism to include objects that reside in other namespaces. Theoretically, the idea is simple and goes like this: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Implement a common interface, which defines a method to create a factory. Configure this factory creator so that it can be instantiated and used when needed. Pass the name of this configured factory creator to a destination (which points to the managed object), so that it knows which factory to use to get hold of an object instance. Use the factory to look up an instance of the managed object. Though called a factory, this factory is not really creating anything. It s looking up an instance from a different namespace. Use the object as you would use any other simple Java class. In other words, once bound to a destination and configured, it is ready for RPC.
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The Parental Controls feature can also limit who can be communicated with via Apple Mail and iChat. Keep in mind that if you choose to use Parental Controls to manage iChat and Mail, then you will need to build a list of users with which the managed user will be able to communicate. To limit access to Mail, open the Parental Controls preference pane, click the managed user, and check the Limit Mail box (see Figure 3 11). To limit access to iChat in the same manner, check the Limit iChat box. Once you have set the managed user to limit mail and/or iChat access, you ll want to build a list of people with whom the user is allowed to communicate. By clicking the + box, the users included in the Add Users screen (see Figure 3 12) will automatically be added to the user s list of people you have deemed safe for them to instant message and communicate with via email.
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At the Express Windows Installation screen shown in Figure 9-19, enter the name, company name, Windows XP serial number, and optionally select whether to install 64-bit. You can then click on the Advanced button to increase the available RAM for the virtual machine to over 1GB and you can even provision more than one processor if you so wish. If you will be running more than an application or two, or if the applications are fairly resource intensive, then it s recommended to go ahead and allocate more resources to the virtual machine. Otherwise, simply click on Continue to move on to the next step.
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Implementing Digital Certificates
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Earlier, you added an ASP .NET HTML text box to your page markup with the expectation that it could be used to store the results of the mathematical operation. But simply assigning the mathematical result to the text box will yield a compilation error. Clearly ASP .NET needs to provide a mechanism for returning calculated page values to the user! The answer to providing feedback to a form operation is to introduce the control to ASP .NET s view state mechanism, which can be done in one of two ways. If you want to continue to use the HTML input text box, simply add this attribute to its definition in your page markup:
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If you ve ever worked with relational databases, you ve probably used SQL. SQL is the international standard database language. You can use SQL to create, retrieve, change, or delete data (and to do a lot of other things). The formal definition of SQL comes from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It s the same as the international standard specified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). T-SQL is the dialect of SQL provided by SQL Server. Because we re using SSE, we ll focus on T-SQL rather than standard SQL, but unless we re discussing a feature not found in standard SQL, we ll refer to both simply as SQL. We ll use standard SQL when referring specifically to the ISO/ANSI version of the language. Each database vendor offers its own implementation of SQL, which conforms at some level to the standard, but typically extends it. T-SQL does just that, and some of the SQL used in this book might not work if you try it with a database server other than SQL Server.
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The Glyphs Control
Understanding DataSet
A solution like the one presented previously, whereby you call a certain method to ensure a correct remoting configuration, unfortunately can t help you with your debugging efforts if you host your components in IIS. In this case, however, the solution is even easier: a special configuration setting, <debug>, can be used in server-side configuration files to verify the existence of all specified server-side type entries. After including this setting in your server-side web.config file as shown in the following example, you will receive an exception as soon as the server tries to read this configuration file: <configuration> <system.runtime.remoting> <application> <channels> <channel ref="http" port="1234" /> </channels> <service> <wellknown mode="Singleton" type="ServerImpl.CustomerManager, ServerImpl" objectUri="CustomerManager.rem" /> </service> </application> <debug loadTypes="true" /> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration>
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