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Implement QR-Code in visual basic Types of Remoting

Generic vs. Nongeneric Container Classes
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Here, you ll execute sp_Select_Employees_Details, which takes no input and returns only a result set: a list of all employees sorted by name.
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Since the program always creates the imagetable table, you must either explicitly delete the table or cycle (stop and restart) SSE before rerunning the program, to delete the table by re-creating an empty tempdb database. You ll see how to avoid this problem in Working with Text Data later in this chapter.
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Figure 8-19. Setting the advanced properties for the Grid s DataContext
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The script also has a variable removeOrphans that, when set to true, will remove any file or folder found at the specified home folder depth that is not associated with an active user in the system. This check will fail if the name of the folder is not equivalent to an active user s shortname. This can be a very handy function if you have a large number of users to manage and want to ensure that former users folders are cleaned from the system. By setting these variables to the desired values in the following script (which is also available via digital download, file 8_cleanupHomeFolders), we can ensure that these groups have the appropriate access to all user home folders, and also that user data has complete confidentiality to the home folder s owner, outside of the ~/Public and ~/Sites directories. The script ensures that these folders have the appropriate access rights.
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Setting Your Preferred Theme
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Accessing the Extension from the Application
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Figure 4-8. Error and Usage Report Settings screen
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public class PreferencesValidationPortlet extends GenericPortlet { String VALIDATOR_ERROR = "VALIDATOR_ERROR"; String FAILED_KEYS = "FAILED_KEYS"; protected void doView(RenderRequest request, RenderResponse response) throws PortletException, IOException { PortletSession session = request.getPortletSession(); response.setContentType("text/html"); Writer writer = response.getWriter(); writer.write("<H2>Portlet Preferences</H2>"); //get the user's preferences PortletPreferences prefs = request.getPreferences(); //Write the preferences out writer.write("<P>The user's current preferences:"); Enumeration names = prefs.getNames(); if (!names.hasMoreElements()) { writer.write("<P>There are no preferences defined for this portlet."); } while (names.hasMoreElements()) { String name = (String) names.nextElement(); String value = prefs.getValue(name, "defaultValue"); writer.write("<P>Name: " + name); writer.write("<BR>Value:" + value); } //check for portlet preferences validation String errMsg = (String) session.getAttribute(VALIDATOR_ERROR); if (errMsg != null) { writer.write("<BR>Failed to store any preferences."); writer.write("<BR><B>Error: </B>" + errMsg); Enumeration failedKeys = (Enumeration) session.getAttribute(FAILED_KEYS);
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