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Broadly speaking, any program that creates an operating environment in which you can control your computer. The GNOME desktop can be seen as a shell, for example. However, it s more commonly understood within Unix and Linux circles as a program that lets you control the system using commands entered at the keyboard. In this context, the most common type of shell in use on Linux is BASH.
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System.Reflection.Emit System.Resources
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20. Click OK to close the message box. To see that the database has been restored, try to expand the Database Diagrams node under Northwind. You saved a diagram earlier, but once again the plus sign disappears and the diagram support message box once again pops up (click Yes when it does), since the database diagram was stored in Northwind in step 14, but you backed up the database in steps 7 and 8, so you ve restored Northwind to a state before the diagram was saved. The same holds true for any data in any SSE database. You can now close SSMSE by choosing File Exit or by closing the window.
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node. Repeat the same process for the remaining two data bindings. Listing 11-11 shows the complete markup of Default.aspx. Listing 11-11. Markup Containing the XmlDataSource and the TreeView <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" Inherits="_Default" %> CodeFile="Default.aspx.cs"
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Portlet Concepts
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A name and description of your backup are always useful. You will create different backups through time, so a good description is always something that will help at a later date. I recommend that you use some sort of date and time as part of the description, as this will make it easier to find, and which mode of backup you have chosen. Different types of backups will have different expiry dates. This means that after the defined date, the media you have stored your backup on will allow the data to be overwritten if using SQL Server (you can't delete the file manually!). For example, you might have a weekly full backup that you want to keep three instances of, and then the first full backup of the month you may wish to keep for six months, or even longer if it is a database that you must keep for government legislation. In this option, you can retain the backup for a set number of days (for example, 21 days) or for a set period of time (a specific date covers for uneven days in a month, or a year, for example). A default destination is defined, which might be more than acceptable. It will be on our hard drive, in a location below where our data is. It is best to have a directory set aside for backups so that they are easy to find, perhaps with a name such as SQL Server Backups. However, in production this is not recommended. What if the hard drive fails We can gain a substantial performance improvement by backing up the database to a separate disk or to a RAID 1 drive if one is available. This is because data is written to the backup file in a sequential manner. It is also advisable to give the backup file a meaningful name. In this instance, it has been given the name of the database, ApressFinancial.
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Note that this filter does not carry out any of the authorization or authentication process itself. The filter is purely concerned with handling the aftermath of failure to achieve either of these. Finally, Listing 7-7 shows the configuration of the session context integration filter that handles the outbound request immediately before it completes its passage through the filters.
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Like Java MIDlets, BlackBerry applications come with a three-part version number: you can define two or three version numbers, each separated by a dot, each with a value between 0 and 99. So 1.0.3, 4.2, and 0.99.0 are all valid numbers; 2, 1.125, and are not. The first two numbers are known as the major and the minor version numbers. The optional third number is called the patch version. By convention, a version with a different patch number will contain bug fixes but no new features; a minor version change means that new features are available; and a major version number change indicates significant changes that include a break in program compatibility.
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