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Isn t that an amazing coincidence No, not really, because from 9i onward, you can enable SQL trace while using the dbms_stats package to generate a histogram, and find that behind the scenes, the package is running SQL like the following: select min(minbkt), maxbkt, substrb(dump(min(val),16,0,32),1,120) substrb(dump(max(val),16,0,32),1,120) sum(rep) sum(repsq) max(rep) count(*) sum(case when rep=1 then 1 else 0 end) from ( select val, min(bkt) max(bkt) count(val) count(val) * count(val) from ( select /*+ cursor_sharing_exact dynamic_sampling(0) no_monitoring */ "NORMAL" val, ntile(10) over(order by "NORMAL") bkt from "TEST_USER"."T1" t where "NORMAL" is not null ) group by val ) group by maxbkt order by maxbkt ; Look very carefully at the innermost of the inline views. Note the line where the ntile(10) appears. Apart from a few cosmetic changes, and a few extra figures used for dealing with extreme conditions and the value of user_tab_columns.density, the SQL that generates the figures stored in user_tab_histograms is exactly the same as my original graph-drawing SQL. A histogram is just a picture of your data set. minbkt, maxbkt, rep, repsq
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As you are writing your post, you can use the quicktag buttons, as shown in Figure 15-1, to add some markup to your posts. Table 15-1 shows the functions of these buttons.
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Figure 1 7. Credit Card Reader Logic Board (bottom view)
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The Address Book service is new in Mac OS X Server 10.6 and is based on the emerging CardDAV standard, a specification that defines the exchange of vCard information via the WebDAV protocol. Also based on the twistedcaldav engine, the Address Book Server setup and configuration will be much the same as with iCal: you can use Server Preferences to get the job done easily; you can use Server Admin if you require more options; or you can use the command line for optimal granularity. The Address Book Server maintains its own data store, but also allows the option to search Open Directory for User or Contact information.
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Figure 9-3. Adding a Code activity
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Dealing with White Space
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CHAPTER 16: Server Security
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CHAPTER 8: Automating Administrative Tasks
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The constant , known as the decay constant, is used to represent ln 2 / halflife, so this could also be just
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Figure 4-16. The updated code It s not a very complex example, but you get the point. You should note that this will not work if the application is being run directly from Flash Builder because applications run in the test launcher ( adl ) cannot self-update. You need to export the release build and run it from there.
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Here s the code that shows how you can use the ClickOnce APIs: public MainForm() { InitializeComponent(); CheckForPluginOne(); } private void CheckForPluginOne() { try { Assembly asm = Assembly.Load("PluginOne"); if (asm == null) { throw new Exception("Failed to get reference to PluginOne"); } msgLbl.Text = asm.GetType("PluginOne.Class1").ToString(); } catch (Exception ee) { msgLbl.Text = "...PluginOne not installed."; } } This scenario has several interesting tidbits. First, the ClickOnce technology defines something known as a download group (found via the Publish Wizard Application Files button). The features of a deployment can be organized into groups, and these groups can be downloaded on demand or set to download initially with the application. Figure 6-17 shows that the application assembly, WindowsApplication3, is in a group by itself, called Required; its publish status is set to Include (Auto). This configuration tells the ClickOnce runtime that this assembly needs to be installed in order to run the application. Second, the application also has a dependent assembly called PluginOne. This assembly has been configured in a separate download group named PluginOne, and this assembly s publish status is set to Include, not to Include (Auto). This tells the ClickOnce runtime not to download the assembly at install time. In Figure 6-17, when the user chooses Tools Plugins Available Plugins, then selects PluginOne, and finally clicks Install, the application uses the ClickOnce APIs to download and install the named group PluginOne. Here s the code that shows how you can download a file group using the ClickOnce APIs: private void availablePluginsToolStripMenuItem_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { AvailablePluginFrm frm = new AvailablePluginFrm();
If you have a database that is only active when users are logged in, then switching the AUTO_CLOSE setting to ON would close down the database. This is unusual, as databases tend to stay active 24/7, but closing unwanted databases frees up resources for other databases on the server to use if required. One example of when to switch this setting ON is for a database used for analyzing data by users through the day (e.g., one in an actuarial department, where death rates would be analyzed). ALTER DATABASE [ApressFinancial] SET AUTO_CLOSE OFF GO SQL Server uses statistics when returning data. If it finds that statistics are missing when running a query, having the following option ON will create these statistics. ALTER DATABASE [ApressFinancial] SET AUTO_CREATE_STATISTICS ON GO If the volume of data within your database reduces (e.g., if you have a daily or weekly archive process), you can reduce the size of the database automatically by setting the following option ON. It is standard to have the option OFF because the database size will simply increase as data is re-added. It would be switched ON only if a reduction in the database is required due to disk space requirements, for example but it is never a good idea for this option to kick in when the database is in use, so really it is best to keep it off. ALTER DATABASE [ApressFinancial] SET AUTO_SHRINK OFF GO When data is added or modified to SQL Server, statistics are created that are then used when querying the data. These statistics can be updated with every modification, or they can be completed via a T-SQL set of code at set times. There is a performance reduction as data is inserted, modified, or deleted, but this performance is gained back when you want to return data. Your application being a pure insertion, pure query, or a mix determines whether you ll want this option on. If you have a pure insertion application, you probably want this option switched off, for example, but this is an optimization decision. ALTER DATABASE [ApressFinancial] SET AUTO_UPDATE_STATISTICS ON GO A cursor is a special type of data repository that exists only while the cursor is defined. It s a temporary memory resident table, in essence. A cursor can exist for the lifetime of a program but, if you switch the following setting to ON, when a batch of data is committed or rolled back during a transaction, the cursor will be closed. ALTER DATABASE [ApressFinancial] SET CURSOR_CLOSE_ON_COMMIT OFF GO A cursor can either exist locally or globally. This means that if GLOBAL is selected for this option, then any cursor created in a program is available to any subprogram that is called. LOCAL, the other option, indicates that the cursor exists only within that program that created it.
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