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The one thing that the trace file does not report is an image of the final execution plan; you have to infer what it would look like by analyzing the contents of the identified join order. To make life a little easier, I have also run the query through dbms_xplan so that you can see it here before you begin reading the trace file. You can get a similar plan (without the predicate information) in the trace file by setting event 10132 at the same time as you set event 10053. Slightly counterintuitively, Oracle picked a path that didn t quite follow the obvious order implied by the table names. And at run time, the path that Oracle took did use marginally less resources on its chosen plan than it did on the plan I was expecting.
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general, all references to the 32-bit code are stored separately from the 64-bit information. The loader tricks old 32-bit code to see different portions of the registry. In addition, executable files are stored under %WinDir%\SysWow64 instead of %WinDir%\system32. Moreover, to wrap 32- or 64-bit components, you need the corresponding version of the .NET tool.
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\Users\<username>\ Documents\Pictures
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Allow simple value: indicates that insecure character sequences can be used as a password. For example, if you insist on using a palindrome you can use radar as your password using this option. Require alphanumeric value: requires that at least one alphabetic
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Create variables to hold the YahooMap component and the geo location.
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Replace the 0 with the decimal conversion of the octal umask you want to set. A decimal NSumask of 0 gives the octal umask value of 007, meaning that we allow only owners and users in a files group access to newly created files. The recommendation from Apple is to use /etc/launchd-user.conf, with a line containing umask nnn. However, a user can then set their own umask using ~/.launchd.conf. The umask can also be defined in /etc/launchd.conf, but that sets it for all processes including system daemons which can potentially cause unexpected results.
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Listing 3-5. The Revised Form
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CHAPTER 4: Wireless Messaging
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resources for the underlying operating system connections One solution to this is captured by use bindings in sequence expressions: When a use binding occurs in a sequence expression, the resource is initialized each time a client enumerates the sequence. The connection is closed when the client disposes of the enumerator.
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Scalar Parameters ITaskItem string Any Value Type Vector Parameters ITaskItem[] string[] Array of Any Value Type
The framework is not an absolute requirement of dependency injection. Taking our loosely coupled example from Listing 3-2, it is obvious that the injection of the dependencies can be carried out from conventional code. Indeed, as Listing 3-4 shows, this is the sort of code you will have written frequently. Dependency injection is not some strange abstract new technique; it is one of the normal tools of the developer.
Figure 13-10. Steps to add interactive sorting
The path to the file must start with a forward slash. The resource is loaded relative to the portlet application. To load files in the WEB-INF directory, use a path like /WEB-INF/content/homePage.xml. If the resource does not exist, the URL will be null. The portlet can directly access an InputStream for the resource with the getResourceAsStream() method on PortletContext. The semantics of the path are the same as the getResource() method, but this method returns an InputStream for convenience:
10. Click the new message part, and give it a descriptive name in the Properties window. In our example, the message part is named LineItems. Note that the Message Body Part property is set to False. 11. Click the Type property in the Properties window, and select the appropriate schema to associate with the message part, as shown in Figure 5 13. In our example, the schema is named OrderLineItems.
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