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Note how a new folder called Web References has been added with a subfolder called localhost. The localhost folder further contains a WSDL file. There will also be a file called Reference.cs. This file contains the source code of the web service proxy class. If you change the web service after adding the proxy, you need to update the web reference again. You can do so by right-clicking the web reference and selecting the Update Web Reference option.
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Decrypting E-Mail
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The result handler for the testServiceRequest test stub uses the Assert.assertTrue to ensure there are results in the request you set. Event has a property of "result", so the expression will result in a true Boolean value.
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Take a look at the static bindProperty method signature in the following code:
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This statement returns the instance of the EAAccessoryManager that you can access. So, if you are getting back an instance, then the methods you use on that instance should use the symbol and not the +, correct That s absolutely right, as you ll see next.
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Try It Out: Creating Some Sample Data
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s Note Though all five of the data providers in the .NET Framework Class Library have command builder
Default front page: This is the Drupal path that will act as your front page. You can use any valid path. The following are some examples of paths: node: A listing of all content that has been promoted to the front page. This is the default setting. node/nid: Where nid is a specific node (content) ID, such as node/302. Use this syntax to make a specific node (page, blog, story, and so on) function as the front page. blog: A listing of all published blogs (requires the Blog module to be enabled). user: The current user s homepage or a page where visitors can log in, register, or request a new password. Clean URLs: Enabling clean URLs is a means of hiding the GET parameter q. The result is that the characters q= no longer appear in the URL. What is this worth It is more humanreadable, first of all. Furthermore, it is more search engine-friendly, as the URL doesn t immediately announce to the spidering engine that the page is being built dynamically. Clean URLs are dependent on Apache mod_rewrite support. (See http://httpd.apache.org/ docs/1.3/mod/mod_rewrite.html for more information about mod_rewrite.) Figure 2-1 shows an example of a front page with its name, mission, slogan, and footer visible.
CHAPTER 13: File Services
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