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list, click the signature you just created.
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Now you re ready to run the application. Other than the 20-second delay when you assign an agent, it should work just like the solution from 13. You can demonstrate that both updates are committed as an atomic unit by closing the application after you click the Assign button. The Lead record is updated before the delay, but not committed until after the delay. If you close the application during the delay, this update should be rolled back. Look at the data in the Lead table and verify that the Status is still Open and the AssignedTo field is null. If you restart the application, you should be able to select this lead and assign an agent.
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There are hundreds of ideas for applications still waiting to be discovered and developed by you. Take a look at QuotedSuccess, DuckCaller, and a MobileBaseball game developed and published to the market, as shown in Figure 1 2. Which of these will be among the first Windows Phone hits to catch fire with consumers and sell millions of units
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sudo apt-get update
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Generic Hashing
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Figure 9 9. Finder presentation of a sparsebundle and sparseimage file (back), and the contents of a sparsebundle image (front)
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The term ID (tid) is essential information when building URL-based taxonomy queries, so having an easy way to find them is essential. If you are able to look into your database, you can open the term_data table and use it as a reference. The tid column contains the number you are looking for, and you can see the term s name in the name column. Once you have a term number in hand, you can build a simple path to view all of the content that is tagged or categorized with that term. The form of the path is taxonomy/term/tid, where tid is the term ID number. Here is an example using the tid 4 with clean URLs: http://www.yoursite.com/taxonomy/term/4 And here is an example without clean URLs: http://www.yoursite.com/ q=taxonomy/term/4
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Creating a Client Application
and at the OSMF User Group:
Listing 3-1. Standard Default ASP .NET Web Form
Next to the URL Filters tab is a tab named Custom Filters (admin/spam/custom). Custom filters are a tool for you to help teach the filter by feeding it words, phrases, or regular expressions and telling it what to do with them when they are matched. You create a new custom filter by entering a word, phrase, or Perl-compatible regular expression into the Custom Filter field. If it is a regular expression, you also need to check the Regular Expression check box, and your expression will be checked for validity when you submit the form. Then you need to determine what is to be done with the content that is found to match this filter by making a selection in the Match Effect field. The options are as follows: Always spam (blacklist) Usually spam (graylist) Usually not spam (graylist) Never spam (whitelist) These various classifications affect the probability rating that the content is spam. Remember that the whole point of the Bayesian filter is to establish this rating, so your custom filter is simply taking part in all of the other calculations that will occur when any post or comment is being considered. Here are the technical details, taken from the help text for custom filters: If your filter defines always spam, this increases the chances the new content will be marked spam by 200%. If your filter defines usually spam, this increases the chances the new content will be marked spam by 50%. If your filter defines usually not spam, this decreases the chances the new content will be marked spam by 50%. And if your filter defines never spam, this decreases the chances the new content will be marked spam by 200%. Since the same content can match several filters, they can play complementary or opposing roles. If a comment matches one Always Spam filter and five Usually Not Spam filters, the weight will be in favor of usually not spam, and the chances that the comment will be marked as spam will be reduced by 50%.
case year(orderdate) when 1998 then 'Last year' else 'Prior year' end LabYear
<Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White"> <toolkit:DockPanel Name="dockPanel1" LastChildFill="False"> <Button Content="Top Button" toolkit:DockPanel.Dock="Top" /> <Button Content="Left Button" toolkit:DockPanel.Dock="Left" /> <Button Content="Right Button" toolkit:DockPanel.Dock="Right" /> <Button Content="Bottom Button" toolkit:DockPanel.Dock="Bottom" /> </toolkit:DockPanel> </Grid> Once you have added this control, the result should appear as shown in Figure 3-24.
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