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Try It Out: Working with Text LOB Data
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This is any accessible network share; it will contain the binaries for all the builds. This will include every version that was built for each product. Source code will not be placed on this machine; it will contain only binary files and log files for each build. Typically you will want all the developers in the organization to be able to read from this share. reading barcode scanner
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Figure 2-3. SQL Server Management Studio
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Figure 5-25. The object collection as the data source
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If you are a developer of Mac OS X-based software then there are a few very basic principals that we can impart relating to the security model used when developing software for the Apple platform. While depth is something most developers look for, this is a theory and not a specific technology. Apple has designed its security around the Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA) model, developed by Intel. CDSA is a set of layered security services and a cryptographic framework that provide an interoperable, cross-platform infrastructure for creating security-enabled applications for client-server environments. CDSA covers the essential components to equip applications with security services that provide cryptography, certificate management, trust policy management, and key recovery. CDSA is defined by a horizontal, four-layer architecture: It includes applications such as Mail, Safari, iChat, Disk Utility, Keychain Access, and other applications developed by Apple. For example, 3rd party applications from Tweetie to 1Password take part in the CDSA model, leveraging Keychain services to custom CSSM cryptographic store modules respectively. It includes layered services and middleware including the Application Programming Interfaces (API)s used by the applications previously listed. An API is a set of definitions that determines how one piece of computer software communicates with another. It is a method of achieving abstraction, usually (but not necessarily) between lower-level and higher-level software. These APIs include interfaces for keychains, file signing, SSL, and certificate management. The Common Security Services Manager (CSSM) infrastructure s Cryptographic Services Manager has functions to create and verify digital signatures, generate cryptographic keys, and create cryptographic hashes.
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Over time, heavily accessed tables in your database will accumulate some sort of overhead. Predictably, this overhead can slow down your database operations a bit, causing it to perform less than optimally. Figure 10-19 illustrates phpMyAdmin showing a table with overhead. Note the overhead of 100 bytes in this table. This is a minor occurrence, but it s worth optimizing anyway. Clicking Optimize table will fix the overhead. It s a good idea to check for this regularly in the <prefix>_posts table (where prefix represents the database prefix you selected during initial setup, usually phpbb), as that table is written to and read from incredibly frequently. You can easily optimize all Figure 10-19. phpMyAdmin tables that need work by viewing the full database (clicking looking at a table with the name of the database, in bolded black text, in the left some overhead
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Under the Hood: What Are Asynchronous Computations
CHAPTER 6: Basic Troubleshooting
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