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his chapter introduces you to the concepts related to Windows Forms, which will give you an understanding about Windows Forms and developing Windows Forms Applications using Visual Basic 2008. In this chapter, we ll cover the following: Understanding Windows Forms User interface design principles Best practices for user interface design Working with Windows Forms Understanding the Design and Code views Sorting properties in the Properties window Setting properties of solutions, projects, and Windows Forms Working with controls Setting dock and anchor properties Adding a new form to the project Implementing an MDI form
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Using Apple AirPort to Share Files
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If you re writing a component that explicitly wraps some kind of unmanaged resource, then implementing IDisposable is a little trickier. Listing 8-7 shows the pattern that is used for this cleanup. Here, you mimic an external resource via a data structure that generates fresh, reclaimable integer tickets. The idea is that customers are each given an integer ticket, but this is kept internal to the customer, and customers return their ticket to the pool when they leave (that is, are disposed). Listing 8-7. Reclaiming Unmanaged Tickets with IDisposable open System type TicketGenerator() = let mutable free = [] let mutable max = 0 member h.Alloc() = match free with | [] -> max <- max + 1; max | h::t -> free <- t; h member h.Dealloc(n:int) = printfn "returning ticket %d" n free <- n :: free
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In this chapter, you ve seen how to use F# to perform a range of web programming tasks. You started by using sockets and TCP/IP to implement a web server and other TCP-based services directly, an example of a system or web network programming task. You can learned how to use ASP.NET to implement web applications involving HTML and input server controls and how to use embedded scripts and code-behind files. We also showed how you can query a database and display its data. You then looked briefly at web applications that incorporate significant client-side scripting using the WebSharper Platform, the recommended way to develop Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) with F#. Finally, you saw how to use web services from F#, including making compositional asynchronous invocations of web services. Data access is a topic that complements web programming and often forms a major part of serverbased web applications. The next chapter discusses how to access relational databases from F# programs and also examines other aspects of working with data from F#.
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under the General tab, as discussed in a moment.
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Accepted languages: Allows you to configure acceptable languages
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Figure 11-4. Creating a new website The ASP.NET Web Site template allows you to create a website. The Location drop-down list indicates the target location where the website will be created. Possible locations are File System, IIS Virtual Root (HTTP), and FTP Folder (FTP). In our example, we will choose File System. The path specified after the Location drop-down is the target folder where the website will be created. Make sure to select Visual C# as the language. Click the OK button to create the website. Visual Studio will create the website with a single web form named Default.aspx. Designing the Web Form The next task is to design the Contact Us web form. To do so, choose Layout Insert Table from the menu and insert a table with 11 rows and 2 columns in the default web form. Now you need to drag and drop various controls and arrange them in the cells of this table, as detailed in the following steps. Figure 11-5 shows Default.aspx after designing the web form.
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This tool is far more advanced than those available on the Mac platform for tracking down bottlenecks in speed, levels of inbound traffic, and other items that could introduce security issues. A comprehensive discussion about this tool is beyond the scope of this book, but should definitely be consulted when trying to troubleshoot why the Windows environment on your computer is running poorly.
The Optimal Hash Join
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Working with Text and Binary Data
Exceptions are supported in classic C++, but not universally used. In .NET Framework programming, exceptions are ubiquitous, and you cannot code without them. This chapter assumes you are aware of the basic concepts of exception handling, throwing exceptions, and the try/catch statement. All of these features of classic C++ are valid in C++/CLI code. A key difference between exception handling in C++/CLI and in classic C++ is that exceptions are always thrown and caught by reference (via a handle), not by value. In classic C++, exceptions could be thrown by value, which would result in a call to the copy constructor for the exception object. In C++/CLI, exceptions are always on the managed heap, never the stack. Therefore, you must use a handle when throwing a C++/CLI exception, as in Listing 10-1. Listing 10-1. Throwing an Exception try { bool error; // other code if (error) { throw gcnew Exception(); } }
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