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CHAPTER 4: Wireless Messaging
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Let s add the Header to the report. As usual, adding a header is as simple as right-clicking the open area inside the report designer and selecting Page Header. After completing the action your report design surface should look similar to the one shown in Figure 13-5.
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Options grouping of an MSMQ Send Port Properties dialog box.
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Observe the markup carefully. At the top you have a directive called @Page. A directive gives information about some entity to the ASP.NET processing engine. The @Page directive gives details about the current web form such as language of coding, code filename, and the class from the code file that represents this web form. Next there is a <!DOCTYPE> declaration that indicates that this document is based on a DTD. The DTD in this case is a standard DTD from the W3C. The DTD indicates that this document is XHTML compliant.
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With the evolution of application development, applications have become loosely coupled, an architecture where components are easier to maintain and reuse (for more information, please refer to http://www.serviceoriented.org/loosely_coupled.html). More and more of today s applications use XML to encode data to be passed over network connections, and that is how different applications running on different platforms can interoperate. ADO.NET was designed to support the disconnected data architecture, tight integration with XML, common data representation with the ability to combine data from multiple and varied data sources, and optimized facilities for interacting with a database, all native to the .NET Framework. During the development of ADO.NET, Microsoft wanted to include the following features: Leverage for the Current ADO Knowledge ADO.NET s design addresses many of the requirements of today s application development model. At the same time, the programming model stays as similar as possible to ADO, so current ADO developers do not have to start from scratch. ADO.NET is an intrinsic part of the .NET Framework, yet is familiar to the ADO programmer. ADO.NET also coexists with ADO. Although most new .NET-based applications will be written using ADO.NET, ADO remains available to the .NET programmer through .NET COM interoperability services. Support for the N-Tier Programming Model The concept of working with a disconnected record set has become a focal point in the programming model. ADO.NET provides premium class support for the disconnected, n-tier programming environment. ADO.NET s solution for building n-tier database applications is the dataset. Integration of XML Support XML and data access are closely tied. XML is about encoding data, and data access is increasingly becoming about XML. The .NET Framework not only supports web standards, but also is built entirely on top of them. XML support is built into ADO.NET at a very fundamental level. The XML classes in the .NET Framework and ADO.NET are part of the same architecture; they integrate at many different levels. You therefore no longer have to choose between the data access set of services and their XML counterparts; the ability to cross over from one to the other is inherent in the design of both.
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is a vector graphics creation tool akin to Adobe Illustrator. Creating flow charts or organizational diagrams is one of many things it can do. For some reason, it is not on the Ubuntu Applications menu; to start Draw, open any OpenOffice.org application, and click File New Drawing. and HTML creation; when switched to Web mode, its functionality is altered appropriately.
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Figure 6-6. Changing headers in the Accordion example
Note When you installed ClamAV, it added a background service called freshclam, which periodically downloads updates for ClamAV s database. However, manually updating before scanning is also a good idea, to ensure you re always using the very latest version of the database at the time of scanning.
If you want to find out whether a particular permission is set, use one of the versions of ApplicationPermissionsManager.getPermission(). You must provide one of the permissions from Table 9-1. You will get back the current setting. ApplicationPermissions.VALUE_ALLOW means access is granted. ApplicationPermissions.VALUE_PROMPT means access will be permitted if the user confirms. ApplicationPermissions.VALUE_DENY means access is forbidden. The following snippet demonstrates how you can check to see whether a permission is properly set before starting a potentially restricted operation.
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