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complain loudly at your app vendors to sign their applications. For more information on managing the MCX system, consult the book Enterprise Mac Administrator s Guide, by Charles Edge, Beau Hunter, and Zack Smith (Apress, 2009). Parental controls utilize a very similar system to restrict application access, though its interface is greatly simplified, shown in Figure 6 7.
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Ignoring the adjustments for leap years and boundary details, the answer is going to be roughly 1/5. If you allow proper nulls in the data_date column, the result is unchanged. But if your application vendor decides that nulls should not be allowed, and decides to use 31-Dec9999 instead, what happens As soon as a single pseudo-null value goes into the table, the optimizer calculates the selectivity as 1/8,000. (You want one year out of a range of 8,000.) What do you think is going to happen to your execution plan when the optimizer s estimate is out by a factor of 1,600 We will return to this, and similar problems, in 6.
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You may remember service books from previous chapters. A service book describes a particular set of network configuration settings. By inspecting the available service books, you can find what connection types are available, and get the information necessary to open the correct browser. Service books can be freely examined by signed apps, but aren t terribly well documented in the API. Records contain a set of application data, which is a raw array of bytes that provide connection information. These bytes are in a format that allows the device to exchange information with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager over a serial or USB interface. The information is a sequence of tagged fields: each starts with a 2-byte size, followed by a 1-byte type indicator, followed by the actual data payload. Fortunately, RIM has provided a couple of classes to help in extracting the necessary information from this opaque block. ConverterUtilities lets you scan through the types in the service book data to locate a particular type. ConverterUtilities in turn uses a DataBuffer, a general-purpose utility class that wraps a byte array and allows you to read and write basic types from that array, similar to the functions provided by DataInputStream and DataOutputStream. Next comes the deep voodoo the specific configuration type of the service book is stored in a record field with type 12. Once you retrieve that value, you must match it against the proper browser configuration, as shown in Table 7-1. You should also check
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CHAPTER 10: iPhone
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A number of command-line utilities let you perform Xsan management. You ll find these in the /Library/Filesystems/Xsan/bin folder. We recommend adding this to the search path of your shell of preference so you can use the commands without having to type in the full path or to the Xsan bin directory every time. NOTE: Whether or not you make substantial use of the Xsan command line, having a fundamental understanding of it will increase the depth of your Xsan knowledge. If you ll be putting an Xsan into production, we highly recommend that you read this section.
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repeat.setInt(RepeatRule.COUNT, 8);
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This interface specifies the basic contract that has to be implemented by all channel objects. It specifies that each channel has to support at least two properties, ChannelName and ChannelPriority. The ChannelName property specifies a unique name for the channel, while the ChannelPriority property specifies which channel is given first chance to connect to a remote object. For server objects, it specifies the order in which channel data appears in the ObjRef passed to the client. Higher numbers indicate higher priority. The IChannel interface also specifies that implementing classes must provide a Parse method. This method is used for parsing a complete URL and returning the URI for the current channel as well as the object s URI as an out parameter. Usually you do not use the interface on its own, except if you want to write code that is independent of a specific channel implementation such as the HttpChannel. When implementing your own channel, you have to implement this interface. Usage example: // run through the configured channels foreach(IChannel ch in ChannelServices.RegisteredChannels) { Console.WriteLine("Channel: " + ch.ChannelName); if(ch is HttpClientChannel) { BaseChannelWithProperties chp = (BaseChannelWithProperties)ch; foreach(string key in chp.Properties.Keys) { Console.WriteLine("-) {0}={1}", key, chp.Properties[key]); } } }
Figure 5 5. Event Viewer
Now that you ve seen the Griffin iTrip as a customer who would be using one, let s take a closer look at the insides. You re not going to reverse engineer the device or anything so sinister, but, as thorough developers, it is always good practice to see how our peers do their job. NOTE: If you are planning to develop your own hardware accessories, definitely try to obtain any currently available accessories to use as reference material in your work. At times, you may become frustrated at some part of the Apple Interface Specification that doesn t seem to make sense. By examining a working, commercially available accessory, you will see that someone else has done it and if they can, then so can you. Pulling off the top cover of the iTrip with a hobbyist s knife reveals the insides, as you can see in Figure 4 5. You see the three preset buttons at the bottom of the logic board, the menu button to the right side, the left-middle black rectangle is the small LCD which shows the station number to which the iTrip is tuned, and at the top is the 30-pin dock connector.
If you have code that was written with the managed extensions syntax, you can still compile it by using the /clr:oldSyntax option. You can link object files generated with this option with C++/CLI code or native code. You should avoid using the old syntax too heavily, though, since it is deprecated in the Visual C++ 2005 release.
Figure 1-7. Run FlexUnit Tests wizard window
The semi-join can deal with exists subqueries (or in subqueries that get transformed into exists subqueries). There is another special operation the anti-join that has been created to deal with not exists (or not in) subqueries. Given the very special piece of inside information that our departments fall into exactly two groups, we could identify employees in department group 1 by rewriting our peculiar query so that it selected employees who were not in department group 2 (see script anti_01.sql in the online code suite). select from where emp.* emp emp.dept_no not in ( select dept.dept_no from dept where dept.dept_group = 2 )
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