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The true value of F# lies not just in what you can do inside the language but also in what you can connect to outside the language. For example, F# doesn t come with a GUI library. Instead, F# is connected to .NET and via .NET to most of the significant programming technologies available on major computing platforms. You ve already seen one use of the .NET libraries, in the first function defined earlier: /// Split a string into words at spaces let splitAtSpaces (text: string) = text.Split ' ' |> Array.toList Here, text.Split is a call to a .NET library instance method called Split defined on all string objects. To emphasize this, the second sample uses two of the powerful libraries that come with the .NET Framework: System.Net and System.Windows.Forms. The full sample is in Listing 2-3 and is a script for use with F# Interactive. Listing 2-3. Using the .NET Framework Windows Forms and Networking Libraries from F# open System.Windows.Forms let form = new Form(Visible=true,TopMost=true,Text="Welcome to F#") let textB = new RichTextBox(Dock=DockStyle.Fill, Text="Here is some initial text") form.Controls.Add textB open System.IO open System.Net /// Get the contents of the URL via a web request
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Listing 6-7. Configuring a View Controller for a Single Page
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Using On-Demand Computation with Abstract Syntax Trees
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The accessing application can load the SWF and access the service class to make an illegal call, and then it can retrieve the data. For instance, let s assume that a site allows a certain authorized domain to make service calls, but the API is not public. If the authorized domain holds a SWF that can be accessed, you can use that SWF to gain access to the API and make unauthorized service calls. The following code shows how:
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Notice the Button control with its new style (Figure 5-20).
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The CustomValidator control calls a user-defined function to perform validations that the standard validators cannot perform. This is typically used when a number of different and custom validations need to be performed before allowing the end user to proceed.
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I have seen that a lot of frustration around tasks and their completion comes down to a simple amount of communication. I have lost count of the number of times I have seen e-mails from a customer asking for an update on the progress of a task that the DBA would know is going to take another hour or more. So why was the customer expecting something to be completed sooner Because they had no idea how long the request should take! So how do you avoid this With communication, of course. Let s consider two scenarios for the same request. Scenario one: A developer needs to have the latest production backup restored down to the development server. They send an e-mail to the DBA with the details, and the DBA responds back saying they will perform the restore. An hour goes by and the developer gets impatient because they haven t heard back, and after all, it s just a database restore how long should that take So the developer sends another e-mail to the DBA asking how much longer. The DBA responds and says that there is not enough space on the development server to restore the production database, so they have contacted a member of the server team to see if the drive can be expanded, and they haven t heard back from them yet. The developer is very frustrated upon hearing this and wants to know if there are any other options to have this done quickly because they are trying to resolve a production issue. Now, the initial request was for a restore from production to development, nothing more. Such a request would have a defined SLA of perhaps one business day. So the DBA is performing his tasks well, trying to solve the issue within the defined time frame. However, the developer is clearly expecting a different turnaround time and thus became frustrated. Likewise, the business end users, management, and just about everyone that can spell DBA is now displeased with the level of service from the DBAs. Scenario two: A developer needs to have the latest production backup restored down to the development server. They send an e-mail to the DBA with the details, and the DBA responds back saying they will perform the restore. The DBA determines that there is not enough space to perform the restore and sends an email back to the developer to inform them about the issue, that they are contacting the server team to ask for more space, and that once the space is added the restore itself will take about 3 hours given the size of the current production database. The developer then informs the DBA that this is more than just a routine restore and asks if there is any other option at this point. The DBA responds back that the test server has enough space and they could start the restore there after taking a backup of the current test database. The developer agrees and a minimal amount of time is lost.
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Configuring the Database Administration Module
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final Collection<LooselyCoupled> beans = (Collection<LooselyCoupled>) ctx.getBeansOfType(LooselyCoupled.class).values(); for( final LooselyCoupled bean : beans ) { bean.sendMessage();} The benefit of autowiring is that it reduces the verbosity of the configuration, but I don t personally feel that this is a big enough advantage to compensate for some of the issues that arise from its use.
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The Silverlight Control Properties
Pagelets can define their own resource dependencies, such as style sheets, JavaScript code, and other artifacts that they need to work properly. These dependencies are automatically referenced by the WebSharper script manager tag in ASPX markup when those pagelets are used in the page. For instance, the formlet examples in the preceding section came with a dependency on the main formlet style sheet provided by WebSharper (along with additional skins), giving the appearance shown in Figure 14-4.
Try It Out: Generating an Edge Table
can yield a wealth of information in a short amount of time. While other DBA s are fumbling around to launch SQL Profiler, you could have already isolated the query, what it is waiting for, and propose a possible solution.
5. 6.
Figure 11-7. Default.aspx in a browser If you try to click the Submit button without entering any values, you should see validation error messages, as shown in Figure 11-8.
Interoperating with C and COM
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