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You can set both of these properties when you create the command with yet another variation of its constructor, as shown here:
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Every shell has some built-in functions that it performs directly, but most commands you enter cause the shell to execute programs that are external to the shell. This sets the shell apart from other command interpreters, as its primary mechanism for invoking functionality is largely dependent upon other programs. That s not to say that shells don t have built-in capabilities. They do; they can read, create, and append files, manipulate data through globbing and variable mangling and, they can utilize looping constructs. However, the ability to parse and extend that data will more often than not require external calls. This chapter seeks to arm you with the ability to fully utilize the Bash shell s internal functions, as well as introduce pertinent external functions that will help you to fully employ the power of the command line. The first step toward learning the shell is actually firing it up and getting your feet wet, preferably on a non-production box. In OS X, this is done simply by opening up the Terminal application on your system. When the application opens, provided your user account has the default shell assigned, you will be presented with a bash prompt, something like:
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Generating XML Documentation from Comments
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Password: Type the administrative password for the directory service into the provided text box. Domain: Fill in this field with the domain name for the directory service. Additional directory search criteria: Here you can set a custom search
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11. Run the application. Press the Register button to display the Child Window, then press the I Accept button from the Child Window. You ll see that the Result TextBlock is updated to read Terms and Conditions Accepted, as shown in Figure 6-16.
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The BASH shell is considered by many to be the best of all worlds in that it s easy enough for beginners to learn, yet is able to grow with them and offer additional capabilities as necessary. BASH is capable of scripting, for example, which means you can even create your own simple programs.
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You will be building the user interface using the XAML in Visual Studio. For building simple controls, it is faster to work with the XAML code. Go to Solution Explorer, open MainPage.xaml, and replace the XAML you find there with the following codes.
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CHAPTER 14: Web Site Security
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Listing 3-6. Modified Page_Load to Provide Feedback
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Figure 3-6. Silverlight application taking up the entire browser
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In this chapter, you saw how to use T-SQL to perform the four most common tasks against a database: SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. You also saw how to use comparison and other operators to specify predicates that limit what rows are retrieved or manipulated. We surveyed the T-SQL data types and saw how they map to Visual Basic or .NET types. Understanding these T-SQL language elements is essential for retrieving and manipulating data with ADO.NET, the .NET facility for data (especially database) access, which we ll look at next.
of parts and made a car. Now, society takes cars, buildings, roads, and people to build communities or cities.
Building Applications Using Test-Driven Development
Setting Up the Page
Table 6-6. ToDo Fields
Themes provide a visual experience and layout for the end user. Usually they refer to different colors or styles being applied to the web page. Within the web page, it could be changing the overall color or layout of the controls on the page. This is accomplished by providing different style sheets and possibly even skin files. To begin our discussion, first let s examine an example that many of you have probably come across, the very popular MSN website ( At the top of this site are two choices presented to users for setting the color or theme of the entire site. The choices are Simple White and Classic Blue. Take a look at Figures 9-7 and 9-8 to see each choice applied.
various kinds of content (nodes, categories, and users) when no explicit alias is provided by the user. The patterns used for generating the aliases is fully configurable, making the Pathauto module an indispensable tool for search engine optimization.
Designing the Layout for the Detail Report
Figure 8-11. Your new forum in all its glory
After setting the Row and Column properties for a few buttons, your XAML will now look something like this:
Basics of Index Costing
Figure 2 16. Properties window in Blend 4 when the control is selected 5. In the Properties window s Brushes category, select Background choose Gradient brush. Notice that the color editor now has ability to set the gradient color of the TextBox s background color. Choose the first gradient color of blue at 21% and second color of yellow at 64%, as shown in Figure 2 17.
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