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The Toolbox gathers all your controls into logical groupings, accessed by tabs. Following is the default set of tabs: Standard: Contains the standard suite of ASP.NET server controls Data: Contains the suite of ASP .NET server controls that can be bound to data Validation: Contains the suite of ASP.NET server controls that can be used to validate user input Navigation: Contains the suite of ASP.NET server controls that can be used to build navigation on a web site Login: Contains the ASP .NET server controls for login and user management WebParts: Contains server controls used to build SharePoint WebParts applications HTML: Contains standard, generic HTML controls General: Empty by default, but can be used as a scratch pad for your favorite controls You aren t limited to this group of tabs or the controls that they contain. You can right-click the Toolbox to add or remove tabs and to add or remove controls from a tab.
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Both T-SQL money data types (which are technically also numeric data types) map to a single Visual Basic type, Currency (see Table 3-8).
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Markup languages such as HTML have a fixed set of tags and attributes you cannot add your own tags. XML, on the other hand, allows you to define your own markup tags.
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Make sure that the report is letter-sized and has a portrait page orientation. Right-click the open area on the design surface, and select Properties. You may wish to put your name as Author and include information in the Description field. I d advise you to let all other choices stay as the defaults.
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Backing up Calendars
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Using the Downloader Object
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Click the Enable roles link, and the pane will change to indicate that roles are enabled (see Figure 13-8). Once roles are enabled, you can disable them if you choose by clicking Disable roles.
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} public void close() { location.setDirty(false); super.close(); } public void makeMenu(Menu menu, int instance) { if (instance == Menu.INSTANCE_DEFAULT) { String property = System.getProperty("supports.audio.capture"); if (property != null && property.equals("true")) { menu.add(audioItem); } property = System.getProperty("video.snapshot.encodings"); if (property != null && property.length() > 0) { menu.add(pictureItem); } property = System.getProperty("supports.video.capture"); if (property != null && property.equals("true")) { menu.add(videoItem); } menu.add(launchVideoItem); } super.makeMenu(menu, instance); } private void launchRecorder(int type) { String directory = location.getText(); RecordingScreen screen = new RecordingScreen(type, directory); UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(screen); } private void launchPlayer() { String url = location.getText(); String pattern = r.getString(MediaGrabber.I18N_PLAY_MEDIA_TITLE); MessageFormat format = new MessageFormat(""); format.setLocale(Locale.getDefaultForSystem()); Object[] arguments = new String[] { url }; format.applyPattern(pattern); String formatted = format.format(arguments); PlayingScreen screen = new PlayingScreen(url, formatted); UiApplication.getUiApplication().pushScreen(screen); }
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This chapter provided an overview of blogging and blogging software, and then introduced WordPress, the software covered in this part of the book. The next chapter will take you through a step-by-step installation of WordPress. I ll cover basic requirements and configuration, and explain some of the more advanced options. I ll introduce the project blog you ll build in this part of the book. Oh yes, I ll also walk you through making your first blog post!
Server A
' display output parameter value Console.WriteLine("The output parameter value is {0}" _ , cmd.Parameters("@ordercount").Value) ' display return value Console.WriteLine( _ "The return value is {0}" _ , cmd.Parameters("return_value").Value) You can create as many input and output parameters as you need. You must provide command parameters for all input parameters that don t have default values. You don t have to provide command parameters for any output parameters you don t need to use. Input and output parameter names must agree with the parameter names in the stored procedure, except for case (remember that T-SQL is not case sensitive). Though it s handled in ADO.NET as a command parameter, there is always only one return value. Like output parameters, you don t need to create a command parameter for the return value unless you intend to use it. But unlike input and output parameters, you can give it whatever parameter name you choose.
Figure 7-1. Graphing the data distribution
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