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Call a Plumber
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After you ve inserted a picture, you can place it anywhere on the page. When you select the picture, a new toolbar appears. This toolbar contains various simple image-tweaking tools, such as those for altering the brightness, contrast, and color balance of the image. Additionally, by clicking and dragging the blue handles surrounding the image, you can resize it. Graphics that are imported into Writer must be anchored in some way. In other words, they must be linked to a page element so that they don t move unexpectedly. By default, they re anchored to the nearest paragraph, which means that if that paragraph moves, the graphic will move, too. Alternatively, by right-clicking the graphic, you can choose to anchor it to the page, paragraph, or character it is on or next to, as shown in Figure 23-4. Selecting to anchor it to the page will fix it firmly in place, regardless of what happens to the contents of the surrounding text. The As Character option is slightly different from the To Character option. When you choose As Character, the image will be anchored to the character it is next to, and it is actually inserted in the same line as that character, as if it were a character itself. If the image is bigger than the line it is anchored in, the line height will automatically change to accommodate it.
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EAAccessory Framework
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Open the OrderWF.xaml file in design view. Drag a TryCatch activity onto your workflow just above the Handling Charges activity. Change the DisplayName to Check Stock and click the expand link at the top right. The designer diagram should look like the one shown in Figure 6-2.
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The CMSPortlet class initializes itself from the initialization parameters on the portlet deployment descriptor. Three parameters, URL, username, and password, contain the connection information for the WebDAV server. The doView() method looks at the current WebDAV resource to determine if it is a collection. If it is a collection, it dispatches the request to the ListFiles.jsp page. If it is not a collection, it asks for the contents of the resources as a String, and displays them in the portlet output. We could also have created links in the JSP file that would show the contents of the resources in a new window if the resource was an image, PDF file, or another binary file. The processAction() method looks at the COMMAND parameter and then performs an action based on the command. All of our commands change the current WebDAV resource.
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Figure 1-14. New console applications in the New Project dialog box
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Most portal deployments require integration with at least one content management system; often, integration with several different vendors systems is necessary. From a project management perspective, bringing content into a portal requires several steps. The first is to identify which content should be available and where the content is coming from. The next step is to determine which sets of users should see which content. The third step involves identifying which functionality in the content management system belongs in a portlet. After these business process steps are completed, you can start planning the technical architecture of the integration does the vendor provide a JSR 168 portlet already Many vendors write portlets for their content management systems, which can make your job much easier. Two commercial vendors with JSR 168 portlets at the time of writing are Stellent and Documentum; other vendors likely have products on the way. If you do not have a ready-made portlet application to roll into your application, you are going to need to look into the integration APIs for the content management system. There are two major standards for CMS APIs: WebDAV and the new Java Content Repository API (JSR 170). WebDAV is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol for versioning, accessing metadata, making directories, locking files, and checking files in and out, among other things. WebDAV is not tied to a single platform or architecture, although the CMS must specifically implement a WebDAV layer. The Java Content Repository API (JCR API) is a new standard for Java content management systems. The JCR API defines a standard set of interfaces and classes that CMS clients can use to connect to a CMS and access content and metadata. We discuss both WebDAV and the JCR API in this chapter. Neither of these APIs covers all of the possible functionality for a CMS. In addition, not every CMS implements one of these APIs most will have a separate proprietary API, which you will have to implement yourself. If there are any servlet/JSP example applications, they should be easily adapted to a portlet application. You can pull content out of almost any content management system through its database or file system store, but that should be a last-ditch integration step. Of course, if your CMS is 10 years old, running on a legacy platform, and does not have an open API, this may be your only choice. It is probably better at that point to migrate the legacy CMS to something newer, but for lots of reasons that may not make business sense.
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This article is part of the Patterns & Practices book Improving .NET Application Performance and Scalability (Microsoft Press, 2004). It presents concrete recommendations for when to use remoting and when not to use it, together with appropriate alternatives. The design guidelines and coding techniques in this chapter provide performance solutions for activation, channels, formatters, and serialization.
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<Window xmlns="" xmlns:x="" xml:lang="en-US" x:Class="BlendProject1.Window1" x:Name="Window" Title="Window" Width="640" Height="480"> <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" HorizontalAlignment="Left"> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition/> <ColumnDefinition/> <ColumnDefinition/> </Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <Grid.RowDefinitions> <RowDefinition/> <RowDefinition/> <RowDefinition/> </Grid.RowDefinitions> </Grid> </Window>
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Figure 19-7. Retrieving product details with LINQ to XML
We often recommend to actually add this enabled copy of this file in your image prior to deployment. As if you programmatically have to enable the plug-in, you must restart the DirectoryService deamon to have it pick up on the changes. This process while only slightly intrusive can increase the time it takes a system to become usable when binding at startup or first boot automatically. As shown earlier, using the Terminal application (found at /Applications/Utilities) can be leveraged to create a simple binding script using dsconfigad. However, this only allows you to bind to Active Directory and does not add the directory to the currently
DAVE is a great tool to allow the Mac to thrive in a more corporate Microsoft-based environment. There are also some nice file-sharing features in DAVE, which make it a must in testing if you are performing file sharing in a Windows-based environment. If the features make it worth obtaining a third-party package, then look into volume licensing it.
How It Works
In all three cases, Oracle will have to do a full tablescan as we haven t created any indexes but how many rows does the optimizer think the query will return Run each query through autotrace, and check the cardinality. Table 6-1 shows the results for a few different versions of Oracle.
For the most part, events behave like contacts. An event list contains multiple events, and each event supports a certain collection of fields, any one of which may have no, one, or more items. The following sections focus on the unique aspects of events.
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