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Transaction ID Transaction Type
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CHAPTER 16: Server Security
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Decorate with Unicode
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As you can see, the username and a password, separated by a colon, are on individual lines and there should not be any spaces at the end of each line. NOTE: The username fields remain in English, but the password fields should to be encrypted to keep them secure. You can accomplish this with the htpasswd command.
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CHAPTER 3: Active Directory
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Configuring SQL Server for Remote TCP/IP Access
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Try It Out: Detaching and Reattaching a Database
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The next method for avoiding having to fill in data for every column is to allow NULL values in the columns. We did this for some columns when defining the tables. Ensuring that each
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Click the Authentication tab, ensure that the Use These Credentials When Host Does Not Have Access to Network Share check box is unchecked.
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Figure 16-18. Theme template code can cause errors on your blog.
The Filter Expression property allows you to be a bit more specific about which messages make it into your orchestration. Clicking the ellipsis in the input box for the Filter Expression property launches the Filter Expression dialog box. This dialog box allows you to create specific filters, which include one to many logical expressions that must be met in order for a message to be received into the orchestration. These logical expressions are based on a property, an operator, and a value and can be grouped by using the And and Or keywords. A filter expression can be set on only a Receive shape that has its Activate property set to True. When the value portion of the filter expression is a string, you must put double quotes around the actual value for the expression to work properly. The Initializing Correlation Sets and Following Correlation Sets properties specify which correlation is followed when messages are received on the Receive shape. Generally speaking, correlation sets allow you to send and receive messages in and out of orchestrations that directly relate to one another.
Figure 11-12. The completed grid layout 1. In Expression Blend, create a new Silverlight Application + Website project named BlendLayout. The MainPage.xaml file will be opened automatically, and as usual, a root Grid named LayoutRoot will be present. First, create the column definitions. To do this, at about 25% from the left of the top blue grid ruler, click the ruler to place a grid divider, as shown in Figure 11-13. If you examine the XAML, you will notice that the <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> element has been added, along with two <ColumnDefinition> elements, as follows (note that your percentages do not need to be exact): <UserControl xmlns="" xmlns:x="" x:Class="BlendLayout.MainPage" Width="634" Height="480">
Typical Command Options
Specifies through which orchestration port operation the Receive shape receives its message. Flag indicating whether the message part should be exposed via the Visual Business Analyst Tool.
Attaching Data to a UI Component
Working with Lists and Options
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