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CHAPTER 6: Personal Information
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private void button1_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) { webBrowser1.Navigate(new Uri (" q=cars " + textBox1.Text, UriKind.Absolute)); } 8. You are now ready to test the application. Press F5 to run it, type Ford Mustang in the text box, and press the Show It! button. Photos of the Ford Mustang should appear in the browser window. Next, press Save Content to Isolated Storage button. Then, erase the word Mustang from the text box, leaving only Ford and pressing Show It! Our friendly reminder that we need to provide more information pops up. Finally, press Load Saved Content to show the (distorted) thumbnails of the Ford Mustang.
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Before leaving this project, let me demonstrate the Parallel activity, which allows you to define a number of activity sequences that run in parallel. For this project, each of the branches will display a piece of information. The order that they are displayed is not important, so instead of executing them sequentially, you ll put them in a Parallel activity and execute them simultaneously.
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Allocates instances of reference types on the garbage-collected (managed) heap Declares a parameterized type (generic) that is recognized by the runtime Evaluates to the null value for a pointer, indicating an unassigned pointer
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Query DNS server based on specified domain name or IP address
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Application Domains
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CHAPTER 12: Everything Else
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With each animation, you can select the speed you wish it to play at, ranging from Very Slow to Fast. Simply make the selection at the bottom of the dialog box. Once the animation has been defined and you ve clicked OK, it will appear in a list at the bottom of the Custom Animation pane. You can choose to add more than one animation to an object by clicking the Add button again (ensuring the object is still selected in the main editing area). The animations will play in the order they re listed. You can click the Change Order up and down arrows to alter the order. To fine-tune an effect you ve already created, double-click it in the list to open its Effect Options dialog box (you can even add sound effects here). Under the Timing tab, you can control what cues the effect, such as a click of a mouse, or whether it will appear in sequence with other effects before or after in the list.
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RSS and Syndication . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 239
If you save a post as private, the post will be visible only to you. If you are logged in to the blog, you will see the post on the main blog page, as well as in the administration interface. No one else will see the post, even if they are logged in. Not even an administrator will see those posts through the blog or the administration pages. You might want to use private posts as personal diary entries. Another possible use is to share a login with someone so that you both can see those posts, but no one else can view them.
<form:form> <form:errors cssClass="errors" path="username"/> <label>Username: ${command.username}</label> <form:hidden path="username"/> <input type="submit" name="_eventId_edit" value="Cancel"/> <input type="submit" name="_eventId_save" value="Save User"/> </form:form> The custom tags used to render parts of these forms are discussed in more detail in the Tag Libraries section later in this chapter.
get { // No icon associated with this pipeline component return IntPtr.Zero; } } #endregion
If this were the end of our profile, we wouldn t get very far. Although this is a perfectly valid sandbox profile, we have only defined default access, and are denying access at that. So at this point, any applicable activity that our program attempts will be met with failure. To that end, we must now define explicitly what a locked-down process can do. First and foremost, we need to give it process execution capabilities. Typically this profile will be used for a very specific purpose, so we can give execution privileges to that program specifically. In this case, our lockdown profile is a generic profile that can be applied to multiple processes. As such, we will allow all process execution:
In this recipe, we demonstrated how to use the Flat File Schema Wizard. To recap the scenario, you used the wizard to create a fairly complex illustration of a flat file to XML schema creation using different positional and delimited flat file references at the record, line, and field levels. The tool allows a developer to reverse engineer a schema based on a sample flat file instance.
following to open the blacklist configuration file in the Gedit text editor:
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