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Roles and Permissions
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Showing Menus
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VBE offers a significant subset of Visual Studio 2005 functionality, limited to VB programming and not including templates for building ASP.NET applications (for which another Express IDE, Visual Web Developer 2005 Express, is available). We ll assume since you know VB that you have some experience with either Visual Studio or VBE, so we ll only cover the specific things you should do with VBE to make programming the examples in this book easiest to work with it.
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Creating Overloaded Web Methods
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Push Notification Server: By default this will list the current server, but
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6. Click the Apply button on the Synaptic toolbar.
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Listing 6-22. The States Declared in Our Web Flow Configuration
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Figure 10-6. Template Values for OUTPUT stored procedure 4. Let s look at the code that was generated. The first section of code checks whether the stored procedure exists. If it does, then we delete it using the DROP PROCEDURE statement. -- =============================================== -- Create stored procedure with OUTPUT parameters -- =============================================== -- Drop stored procedure if it already exists IF EXISTS ( SELECT * FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES WHERE SPECIFIC_SCHEMA = N'CustomerDetails' AND SPECIFIC_NAME = N'apf_CustBalances' ) DROP PROCEDURE CustomerDetails.apf_CustBalances GO
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Transaction management is not trivial because we are not talking about call and response in the same cycle. To roll back, it s important to have a common token to relate back to the event. Flows that need calls in a linear order need to be managed externally. In many cases, the invoker has little control over the response, i.e., when it arrives and how it is handled.
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val add : Table<'Key,'Value> -> 'Key -> 'Value -> unit
Figure 13-1. Balance reduction after trigger action 5. So our next test is to simulate a noncash transaction that has been recorded. For example, if you bought some shares, there would be the cash transaction removing the funds from your bank account, ProductId=1, and then a second row entered on ProductId=2, which is the equities product showing the addition of shares. This is a simple accounting procedure of one debit and one credit. Enter the following code: SELECT ClearedBalance FROM CustomerDetails.Customers WHERE customerId=1 INSERT INTO TransactionDetails.Transactions (CustomerId,TransactionType, Amount,RelatedProductId, DateEntered) VALUES (1,3,200,1,GETDATE()) SELECT ClearedBalance FROM CustomerDetails.Customers WHERE customerId=1 6. Now execute the code. Instead of seeing two rows where the balance hasn t altered, we see the following error message and on the Results tab only one set of output, as shown in Figure 13-2. Our trigger has a bug in that the subquery will return a NULL value where the transaction type does not affect a cash balance, and we have not accounted for that scenario. There are two reasons for showing you an error: the first is to demonstrate how to alter a trigger, the second, more importantly, is to determine whether the INSERT statement succeeded or failed. (1 row(s) affected) Msg 515, Level 16, State 2, Procedure trgInsTransactions, Line 6 Cannot insert the value NULL into column 'ClearedBalance', table 'ApressFinancial.CustomerDetails.Customers'; column does not allow nulls. UPDATE fails. The statement has been terminated.
Recall we created a table with the SELECT INTO command called CustTemp. Rather than delete data from the main tables created so far, we ll use this temporary table in this section of the book. We ll use transactions a great deal here to avoid having to keep inserting data back into the table. It s a good idea to use transactions for any type of table modification in your application. Imagine that you re at the ATM and you are transferring money from your savings account to your checking account. During that process, a transaction built up of many actions is used to make sure that your money doesn t credit one system and not the other. If an error occurs, the entire transaction rolls back, and no money will move between the accounts. Let s take a look at what happens if you were to run this statement: BEGIN TRAN DELETE CustTemp When this code runs, SQL Server opens a transaction and then tentatively deletes all the records from the CustTemp table. The records are not actually deleted until a COMMIT TRAN statement is issued. In the interim, though, SQL Server will place a lock on the rows of the table, or if this was a much larger table, SQL Server may decide that a table lock (locking the whole table to prevent other modifications) is better. Because of this lock, all users trying to modify data from this table will have to wait until a COMMIT TRAN or ROLLBACK TRAN statement has been issued and completed. If one is never issued, users will be blocked. This problem is one of a number of issues frequently encountered in applications when analyzing performance issues. Therefore, never have a BEGIN TRAN without a COMMIT TRAN or ROLLBACK TRAN. So, time to start deleting records.
Creating E-Mail Headers
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