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A few users might never get around to creating any contacts in their address book, while others might have hundreds or thousands. The number of contacts is limited only by the available memory on the device. How do you go about finding the contacts you want There are a variety of tools at your disposal, including both standard PIM APIs and special searches that are only available for BlackBerry devices. 2010 barcode gnerator
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This data type holds a value of 0 or 1. Usually, bit is used to determine true (1) or false (0) values.
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Once you understand the basics of translation, you will be well prepared to handle other localization needs that your app may require.
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Interop with C++ Exceptions
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Figure 5-13. The Theme1 subfolder At this point, you have the underlying structure of where you will place the themes for your web application. The next step is to add the theme content. This is going to come in the form of adding a .css file, or Cascading Style Sheet. Right-click on the Theme1 folder, choose Add New Item, and select a Style Sheet file named MyStyle.css. Within this style sheet you just added, you are going to add an element for the text or body color that will be blue. The following is the code for the style sheet added: BODY { color:Blue; } You have now configured and added a simple theme for your web application. Next we demonstrate how to implement the theme at the page and application levels.
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The UpdateHandler Flex class uses this XML file to get the most recent version information and if necessary download the new code and update the application. The code for UpdateHandler is as follows:
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Button, TextBox, Label, Panel, CheckBox, ListBox, RadioButton, PlaceHolder, DropDownList Repeater, DataList, GridView, DetailsView ObjectDataSource, SqlDataSource Login, LoginView RequiredFieldValidator, CompareValidator, RegularExpressionValidator
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Begin by listing the namespaces the application will use. Notice our inclusion of Microsoft.Devices.Sensors that will allow you to start and stop Windows Phone s accelerometer. using System; using System.Windows; using Microsoft.Phone.Controls; using Microsoft.Devices.Sensors; namespace CaptureAccelerometerData { public partial class MainPage : PhoneApplicationPage {
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defaults write /Library/Preferences/.GlobalPreferences NSUmask 2
BlackBerry devices have long offered the benefit of putting the Internet in your pocket. With strong data features, access to corporate intranets, a relatively large screen and high-quality keyboard, it s little surprise that the browser gets so much use. As we continue our tour through ways to integrate more deeply with BlackBerry devices, we will look at how to effectively tap the browser as a portal to rich content on the Web.
This report is one of the perfect cases to apply the multicolumn capabilities of RS. Imagine if you are dealing with a large customer base. Now, if you print five addresses on one page instead of ten addresses, as you can using multiple columns, you are wasting space; you could ve used half the number of pages. The multicolumn feature saves space on the report by making the data flow into the adjacent column, similar to a newspaper layout. You can define as many columns you want. Although you can use any report item in a multicolumn report, the best option is to make use of a report item that uses data regions, like a list item. For our report, we will make use of list and text box items to list the customer addresses.
Your second choice is to use the ReportViewer task. After you drop the ReportViewer control onto Form1, the ReportViewer Tasks pop-up dialog will appear, and you can specify properties using this task dialog (see Figure 11-4). The third choice is to write the C# code to set up the report properties. If you decide to write the code, please make sure that the code behind Form1.cs looks like the following: using using using using using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.ComponentModel; System.Data; System.Drawing; System.Text; System.Windows.Forms; Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms;
<%# ... %>
In this chapter, you looked at the evolution of user interfaces in applications, as well as the history of RIAs. I then introduced Silverlight, talked about the benefits it brings to developers today, and how it fits into RIA solutions. Finally, you learned about the tools involved in developing Silverlight-enabled applications. Now it is time to get your hands dirty and start building some Silverlight applications! In the next chapter, I will provide an introduction to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, one of the primary tools used to build Silverlight applications.
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