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When first applying ACLs or when making changes, you ll likely want to propagate these changes to existing files and folders, because inheritance rules apply only at file- or folder-creation time. You can apply permissions recursively via the chmod R +a
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Adding a Computer
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Figure 5-11. Build type summary page
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The IMethodReturnMessage interface is derived from IMethodMessage and provides additional properties for retrieving exceptions and output arguments, as well as the return value of the method call. Again, the IMethodMessage interface s properties are defined for input as well as output arguments, whereas these properties are for output arguments (and return values) only. More information on MSDN: frlrfsystemruntimeremotingmessagingimethodreturnmessageclasstopic.asp
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We configure an EJB factory here. Now we can refer to this factory from within a destination setting. A possible case could be the following:
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CHAPTER 5: Cryptography
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The big idea behind the Windows Phone 7 design system (Metro) is to direct users to the content they want using design elements that are both effective in conveying their message and attractive. The UI Design and Interaction Guide for Windows Phone 7 (available as a PDF download from LinkID=183218) specifically states that visual elements within applications should encourage playful exploration so that the user feels a sense of wonder and excitement when using your application. Microsoft strongly encourages all application developers to adopt Metro design principles in their applications. Fortunately, to help those of us who may not be particularly strong in graphic design, Microsoft ensured that all controls available for you to build applications (i.e., text box, button, etc.) are Metro-compliant by default. These controls that ship with Windows Phone 7 development tools already have the look and feel dictated by Metro UI guidelines it is our job as developers that we preserve that look and feel throughout our applications. When you first start working with standard controls within Windows Phone 7 applications, you may be surprised by their minimalistic, two-dimensional look. That appearance, however, emphasizes another one of the main principles of Metro UI design: Delight through content instead of decoration. Microsoft encourages developers to reduce the complexity of visual elements that are not part of content and to communicate with users of their applications as directly as possible. According to the Metro
Figure 7-12. 1,000-foot view of integration between Flex and Java
Figure 1-6. WriteLine Properties window The DisplayName property is the text shown in the diagram. You should give this a more meaningful name because when you have many WriteLine activities, it will help you remember what this is for. Change this to Hello. Also, enter the Text property as the following literal string: "Hello, World!" The Text property can be any expression that results in a string. You can click the ellipses, which will display a dialog in which you can enter an expression. You can leave the TextWriter property blank. By default, the text will be written to the console. You can specify a class derived from TextWriter (new for .Net 4.0) if you want to specify a different implementation. This will be demonstrated in 9.
Earlier, we looked at using Composer to create monolithic images. Though you can purchase the product by itself, it s actually part of the Casper Suite of tools for Mac OS X mass deployment----and the rest of the bundle is pretty darn useful. Its server-side component, JSS, or Jamf Server Software, integrates with Active Directory and Open Directory. JSS determines which computers and groups receive which packages in an object-oriented fashion. Casper Admin manages the process of selecting who gets what, but JSS can also do so. One strong feature of the suite, policies, puts packages, scripts, and other maintenance tasks into groups configured to run at certain times. A highly customizable scheduler lets you activate policies during specific time windows. You can have policies apply to computers based on a number of criteria, such as IP subnet, computer group membership, or even membership in Smart Groups. The last are similar to iTunes smart playlists in that they re dynamically generated based on pre-specified criteria. For instance, I could create such a group for all computers running OS X versions prior to 10.5.7. I might then design a policy that s active from 7:00p.m. to 7:00a.m. and add the 10.5.7 combo updater package. Thus every night, any machines not running 10.5.7 would execute the update. Policies are very dynamic and powerful tools for managing software deployments across a large number of systems. The Casper Suite also comes with a self-servicing solution that allows users to install their own packages. Letting users select from a list of acceptable tools----installing and removing them without contacting system administrators----can greatly reduce support requirements. Casper Suite can do a lot for you, including asset tracking, network reconnaissance, and more, but the server-side component, Casper Admin, and Composer provide the biggest productivity boost.
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