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TryCatch Activity
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CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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addition, it uses a set of helper classes in the Microsoft.IdentityModel.TokenProcesser namespace, which is implemented in the TokenProcessor.cs file that is part of the Windows SDK. We ll take a closer look at it a little later in the chapter. Edit your Default.aspx page so that it looks like Listing 10-1.
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Figure 13-4. The setup for the example of programmatically controlling animation To start the animation when the user clicks the Start button, you use the storyboard s Begin() method. To stop the animation, you use the storyboard s Stop() method. The pause/resume behavior is a bit trickier, but still not complicated. You include a private Boolean property called Paused, which you use to tell the code behind whether or not the animation is paused. To pause and resume the animation, you use the Pause() and Resume() methods. The code looks like this:
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We ve handled the item, so let s remove it from the queue of links:
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that will return the supported languages. If you are building a general-purpose application, you will probably need to support both of the standard query languages. This way, your application will run on any JCR API compliant CMS. Your support may just be limited to different help files for the search engine because the QueryManager class also parses the query from the user s statement.
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99.999% chance that any virus ClamAV finds will be a Windows virus!
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JFreeChart is a very useful component for generating graphs and plots. The basic model is to create a data set with the chart s data. Be sure to use the appropriate Dataset object for your chart type. Next, you create the chart with the ChartFactory class. Finally, you export the chart to the appropriate image format on the hard drive. You can use the JFreeChart servlet functionality for your projects, or you can write your own servlet to serve image files. We used the PortletUtilities class for our example charting portlet. Our portlet created a pie data set, and then consolidated the smaller values in the pie data set into a new data set. The portlet generated the 3D pie chart, and then used the PortletUtilities functionality to save the chart image. We added the DisplayChart servlet to our web.xml web application deployment descriptor for our charting application. Our portlet placed an image tag that pointed to the DisplayChart servlet into its content fragment. We also had to modify the DisplayChart servlet to let it run on our version of Pluto and Tomcat 5.0.25.
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7. As a result of the preceding commands, you will get the Calculator.hhp file in the Output subfolder of the Calculator folder. The .hhp files are HTML Help Workshop project files. 8. Open the Calculator.hhp file in HTML Help Workshop (Figure 11-39).
Table 5-2. Effects of Changing the Mystery Parameter on sys_op_countchg
Figure 13-13. In-place precompilation You can see the compiled files in the temporary directory. With this output, the web application will have a better performance at the startup, but the main benefit to using in-place precompilation is to verify that the web application is free from errors. If the application happens to have errors that were caused from a modification to a class or Web Form, the utility will fail and display the error or warnings.
Once the table is loaded, it will generate three sets of output: one set of output for each row in the table. This, in turn, will create three repetitions of the AliasNames node structure in the destination document: one for each row in the table. A repeating node structure has been created, even though one did not exist in the input document.
public string Name { get { if (intColumnIndex == -1) { return cmd.CommandText; } else { return reader.GetName(intColumnIndex); } } } public override string Value { get { return strValue; } } ... } In the following text, we will dissect the code step by step.
public PortletURL createRenderURL(); public PortletURL createActionURL();
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