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Both T-SQL date and time data types map to the .NET System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlDateTime type (see Table 3-10).
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In this exercise, you will create an MDI form in the WinApp project. You will also see how to create a menu bar for the parent form, which will allow you to navigate to all the child forms. To do so, follow these steps: 1. Navigate to Solution Explorer, select the WinApp project, right-click, and select Add Windows Form. Change the Name value from Form1.vb to ParentForm.vb, and click Add. 2. Select the newly added ParentForm in Design mode, and navigate to the Properties window. Set the IsMdiContainer property value to True (the default value is False). Notice that the background color of the form has changed to dark gray. 3. Modify the size of the ParentForm so that it can accommodate the two forms you created earlier, WinApp and AddNames, inside it. 4. Add a menu to the ParentForm by dragging a MenuStrip (a control that serves the purpose of a menu bar) onto the ParentForm. In the top-left corner, you should now see a drop-down sporting the text Type Here. Enter Open Forms in the drop-down. This will be your main top-level menu. 5. Now under the Open Forms menu, add a submenu by entering the text Win App. 6. Under the Win App submenu, enter Add Names. 7. Now click the top menu, Open Forms, and on the right side of it, type Help. 8. Under the Help menu, enter Exit.
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Depending on the degree to which your computer supports power-saving functionality, Ubuntu will let you configure your display to go into standby mode after a certain amount
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One of the most critical aspects of Kerberos configuration is time. If a client is more than 5 minutes apart from its KDC server, authentication will fail. The time value is normally best synchronized using the Network Time Protocol (NTP). To enable the NTP service on the Mac OS X server configured as your Open Directory master, mark the NTP check box in the General settings section of the Server Admin Application. This setting can then be pushed out using scripts or applications such as Apple Remote Desktop (an example of changing this setting is available in the Send Unix Command Templates section of the Apple Remote Desktop Admin software). The systemsetup command can be used to set the NTP server:
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(Apress 2006) provides a highly readable and detailed description of data binding.
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The template engine s syntax is not incredibly complex. Studying the layout of the subSilver template will help you get used to the syntax quickly. By far, the most common element you will deal with while writing your template is the insertion of template variables generated by the phpBB script for output in your page. More
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Tip To delete or clear all the expressions in the Immediate window, at any time you can right-click in the
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So far in this chapter, you have built a stand-alone application that uses choosers and parts of the XNA Framework to manage photos snapped with a Windows Phone camera. What s unique about the Windows Phone 7 Framework, however, is that it encourages you to have your application make use of built-in phone applications to perform certain tasks. The Photo application, for example, provides you with hooks you can use to make the functionality of an application like PhotoCapture available to users without having to find it and explicitly launch it. Those hooks are the Extras and the Share commands, which are found on the context menus of each photo where the context menu is displayed when you press the photo for a few seconds. Both features are best explained by actually observing them at work. With the real Windows Phone 7 in hand, click the Pictures hub, select the folder to view the photos from (Camera Roll, for example), and then select a specific photo from the list. Click the ellipsis ( ) at the bottom of the screen. When the context menu appears, you ll see an Extras option displayed at the very bottom. This Extras option is available for you to integrate or tie into. What you will do in the next walkthrough is use it to launch the PhotoCapture application so that you can choose a picture, save it to your TwitPic, and share it with your Twitter friends. The context menu that pops up when you press the picture includes a Share command. The Share option is available when photos are being viewed as a list rather than one at a time. If you click the Share command, you will notice that it offers several ways to share the photo with the world. In the following section, you will learn to build an application that will use TwitPic as a cloud store for the photos on the phone.
You use the DISTINCT keyword in a query to exclude duplicate values from the result set. You can use it only once in the select list of a query. If multiple columns are selected, DISTINCT eliminates rows where the combination of all the column values are identical.
Listing 4-15. Modifying Content private void button3_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { navigator.MoveToRoot(); navigator.MoveToFirstChild(); while (navigator.MoveToNext()) { navigator.MoveToFirstChild(); do { string id = navigator.GetAttribute("employeeid", ""); if (id == textBox1.Text) { navigator.MoveToFirstChild(); do { switch (navigator.Name) { case "firstname": navigator.SetValue(textBox2.Text); break; case "lastname": navigator.SetValue(textBox3.Text); break; case "homephone": navigator.SetValue(textBox4.Text); break; case "notes": navigator.SetValue(textBox5.Text); break; } } while (navigator.MoveToNext()); navigator.MoveToParent(); } } while (navigator.MoveToNext()); } }
Description of Use
Figure 3 12. SQL Server Management Studio from the Windows menu 2. In the Connect to Server window, put the server name you obtained from Step 7 into the Server name text box, put NotepadAdmin and P@ssword into the Login and Password text box, and click the Connect button, as shown in Figure 3 13.
The ImageMap control is used when one image has defined regions or hot spot areas. When these defined regions are selected or clicked, a post back to the server occurs, and navigation to a specific URL can be performed.
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