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Note If, while using dpkg or APT, you get an error message along the lines of, Can t get a lock, make sure that the Synaptic Package Manager or Update Manager program isn t open. Only one piece of software can access the package database at any one time.
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2. Ensure that Web Form is selected. 3. Type SignUpApproved.aspx for the new le name. 4. Check the box to place code in a separate le. 5. Click Add to create the le. Now that you have added a second web page, you see two tabs along the top. One tab has the name of your new file and the other has the name of your Default.aspx file. You need to go back to the Submit button and set up one last property called the PostBackUrl. This property will tell the page to submit the data from the Default.aspx page to the SignUpApproved.aspx page. To set up this property, follow these steps: 1. Go to the property called PostBackUrl for the Submit button. This is located in the behavior section. 2. Select the PostBackUrl property name. An ellipses button appears to the right. 3. Click on the ellipses button and select the new SignUpApproved.aspx page. You need to put a few controls on the SignUpApprovedPage. Go to that page s designer just as we did earlier with the Default.aspx page, and follow these steps to set up the Web Form: 1. From the main menu, select Layout Insert Table. Add a table with two rows and one column, and align center. 2. Click the rst row and enter the text Congratulations! 3. In the second row, drag and drop a Label control from the General section of the toolbox. Change the ID of this label to SignedUpLabel. 4. Next to the SignedUpLabel, type the following text: has signed up. The SignUpApproved Web Form should look like the designer in Figure 1-15 (you may have to drag the side of the table to make it a bit wider).
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There is an argument that can be made that information that should not be made public should not be put on your organization s web site. Placing information in a public forum is not always intentional; therefore, you can contact Google to have them remove a site from searches and flush their cached pages of that site should you need to do so.
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Client-side reporting plays a big part here too. Reports developed with the use of this technology can be accessed by a variety of different mobile devices. You might be thinking, And how it is done Well, reports can be designed using custom page sizes and rendered specifically to suit the display capabilities of the mobile devices. As the web is gaining maturity, this phenomenon has fueled the new generation of mobile devices. These devices are evolving and getting smarter with every passing day. Now, users can go wireless and still have access to all their corporate resources, such as e-mail, databases, and documents, using devices ranging from laptops to handhelds even some that can be worn on your wrist!
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Keeping an eye on who is permitted to do what is incredibly important. Sadly, phpBB 2.0 does not contain an easy way to audit the number of people with administrator or moderator rights. I typically resort to periodically running two simple SQL queries using the phpMyAdmin front end to MySQL. Here, I ll explain how to run those queries.
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<!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> </head> <body> <p id="text1" /> <p class="text2" />
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CHAPTER 16: Server Security
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Customizing Your Blog s Layout
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The plain-text e-mail is a useful tool. It is readable in all e-mail clients, including those that are not a part of any graphical user interface. It can be seen on all platforms, and if you are sending legitimate content, it is less likely to be treated as spam than more contentrich forms. Its only deficiency is that it is aesthetically rather unsatisfying. Although I would urge you to use plain-text e-mail of this sort when possible, there are some circumstances when rich content is appropriate, and still more when there will be demands for rich content regardless of its objective value. You might imagine that it would be possible to create HTML content and send this in place of the text of the simple example, and you would be right up to a point. The problem is that some e-mail clients will accept this as formatted content but others will treat the message as plain text, showing the raw markup to the user. As a result, you will produce rich content for some users and mangled content for others not a desirable circumstance. The solution is to use the MIME capabilities of Spring to create a message in which the message headers explicitly describe the message as containing marked-up content for rendering. Almost all users will be able to receive this content correctly. However, we still have the problem of creating the HTML markup and adding the dynamic data to it (often the markup will be created by designers entirely separate from the development team). So for this we will use the Velocity markup language covered briefly as a view technology in 6. Listing 8-9 shows a Velocity macro for rendering an HTML e-mail roughly equivalent to the one sent as plain text in the previous section.
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interface to allow configuration of the service. To access the web interface, type the address into your web browser (see Figure 1 14).
package utils { import flash.desktop.Updater; import flash.events.Event; import flash.filesystem.*; import flash.net.*; import flash.utils.ByteArray;
Most command-line operations with regard to LDAPv3 binding are handled via dsconfigldap. The dsconfigldapcommand can bind, set security policies, and configure basic settings. When using dsconfigldap it is worth noting that there are several parameters and options. Parameters will be applied to the specific task you are looking to perform and identify which server configuration to update. To perform an unauthenticated static bind without a prompt for a username and password (and therefore able to be added into a script) you are going to use three parameters with dsconfigldap: -a to specify a server (in this context often referred to as a configuration), -l to specify a local administrative account with permissions to perform such a task, and -q which supplies the password for said account. In the following example, these are set to seldon.foundation.com, admin, and daneel, respectively:
The syntax for moving through the configured directory services is much like navigating a filesystem or ftp server from the command line. Once you have initiated your session it will show an interactive prompt (>). Use the ls command to list the DirectoryService Plug-ins. If you do not see Active Directory listed, the plug-in itself is not enabled. Even if you are bound to an Active Directory domain, you will not be able to navigate to the directory node until this plug-in is enabled (by default only the LDAPv3 and local plug-ins are enabled), although when you use the Directory Utility to bind systems the Active Directory plug-in is enabled by default. Review the Binding to Active Directory with a Script section to see an example of how to enable this plug-in from the command line. The ls command will show you the currently enabled plug-ins (including third party) in the list. In addition, you will be able to navigate into the Contacts and Search paths, which will show you the hierarchy of all configured and enabled plug-ins. You can then type cd followed by the name of any item in the list of current plug-ins.
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