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Rx.NET aims to revolutionize reactive programming in the .NET framework. In reactive programming, you register an interest in something and have items of interest handed over, or pushed to the attention of the application, asynchronously, as they become available. A classic example an application that relies heavily on the reactive programming model is the spreadsheet, where an update to a single cell triggers cascading updates to every cell that references it. This concept of having things pushed down as they become available is particularly well suited to applications that use constantly changing data sources, such as the weather application that you will be building later on in this chapter. Reactive programming is often contrasted with interactive programming, where the user asks for something and then waits for it until it is delivered. To help further differentiate these concepts, let s take a look at a car shopping analogy. Usually, when shopping for a car, you go to a car dealership (or look online) and look at different car makes and models. You pick the ones you like and test-drive them. This arrangement is an example of interactive programming, where you asked for a car and got it in return. In a reactive approach, you would send a note to a dealership expressing interest in a certain make and model and then continue going on with your daily routine. The dealer locates items of interest and notifies you when they become available. Let s see if we can carry over this analogy to event processing on Windows Phone 7. For the sample application that you will be building later in this chapter, you will want to read the contents of a text box once it can be determined that no keystroke has occurred a half a second since the previous one. In the sample, this will be taken to mean that the user has finished typing and is ready for the application to do something. If you were to use an interactive approach, you would implement this by wiring up the KeyDown event for the text box, and then checking some sort of timer to see whether enough time had elapsed between keystrokes. In a reactive approach, as you will see shortly, things are much simpler: you express interest in being notified of KeyDown events only after a half-second has elapsed between a user s keystrokes. Once notified of such an event, you take action searching for photos online, in this case. Before you learn how to search for photos in a reactive manner, however, you will walk through several short examples to get a feeling for how Reactive Extensions implement the core Observer pattern, which forms the basis of the Reactive Framework and is described in detail in the following sidebar.
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Lexical analysis is concerned with identifying those tokens that make up a given input. A token is a piece of the input text that constitutes a word from the lexer s perspective. This can be a number, an identifier, a special word, or any sequence of characters deemed to make a unit. During syntax analysis, you check whether the input (a series of tokens) is structured according to a set of grammar rules that make up your language. For instance, the F# construct let a = b*2 in .. is syntactically correct, but it s a semantically valid expression only if the variable b is bound in the preceding scope. The notion of scope and binding depends on the semantics of your language, and these are the topics of interest for semantic analysis. In a typical compiler, for instance, source programs go through the following stages: Lexing Parsing Semantic analysis Optimization(s)/Transformations Code generation s 9 and 11 cover examples of semantic analysis and optimization/transformation.
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The parser has some syntactic sugar for polynomial terms, so it can parse 2x, 2x^3, or x^4 without requiring you to add an explicit multiplication after the coefficient. Listing 12-5. ExprParser.fsy: Parsing the Concrete Syntax for Algebraic Expressions %{ open System open Symbolic.Expressions %} %token <int> INT %token <float> FLOAT %token <string> ID %token EOF LPAREN RPAREN PLUS MINUS TIMES DIV HAT SIN COS E %left %left %left %left %left %left ID prec_negate LPAREN PLUS MINUS TIMES DIV HAT
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Data Source=SERVERNAME\SQLExpress;Initial Catalog=AdventureWorks; user id=WebServiceUser;password=WebServiceUser
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5. Click and drag all the TrueType fonts to the Nautilus window displaying your per-
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Port Port 21 Port 22 Port 23 Port 25
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After confirming that you want to make the connection, you ll be invited to enter the password for the user account under which you initiated the ssh connection. Once this is done, you should find yourself with a shell login on the remote computer. You can run the same commands as usual and perform identical tasks. The machine you re logged in to will show no symptoms of being used remotely. This isn t like the movies, where what you type on your local machine is somehow mirrored on the remote machine for all to see. However, obviously, if a user of the remote machine were to view her network connections using something similar to the netstat command, then she would see another computer attached via ssh. To end an ssh session, simply type exit. This will return you to the command prompt on your own machine.
Configuring Comments
<custom-window-state> <window-state>docked</window-state> </custom-window-state>
Let s move on to demonstrating the last control, Menu, in Exercise 7-4.
Figure 4-8. The error now thrown after RemotingConfiguration.Configure()
/usr/sbin/mtree c -k gid gname -K sha1digest mode uid uname link type time p /usr/bin > /Volumes/mtree_spec_files/myFreshSpec.txt
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