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CHAPTER 11: Advanced Build Techniques
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You then produced a header for your output:
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Running Programs
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The art of making small talk in social situations is one that did not come easily or naturally to me. Even in elementary school I would notice that some people could sit down to the lunch table and almost instantly be engaged in conversation with everybody around them. What s more, the conversation would drift from topic to topic in ways that I seldom could follow. Just when a topic got interesting and I was ready to dive in deeply with a comment, suddenly the group was talking about something else. I was always a half-step off. In business, it s helpful to have a few tricks for starting conversations. One of my favorite ways to begin a conversation is with a question. If you ever catch me manning the Apress booth at a conference like PASS, the question you re most likely to get hit with is, do you have any of our books It s a logical question that usually leads to some back-and-forth conversation about specific books and what s good and bad about them. My question is a good conversation starter, but it s sincere too. I truly want to know what readers like and don t like about our books. I want to know which topics resonate with our audience and which do not. I m hungry for help, really, in doing my job better. I might ask other questions, too. Sometimes a company name will strike me as interesting. Other times I see names of cities that I ve visited or lived in. Questions are a great way to get a conversation rolling. But be sincere. Don t just show interest. Be interested.
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property and manually assign this principal to System.Threading.Thread.CurrentPrincipal. But as you will see later, when the server is configured for impersonation, the thread s CurrentPrincipal will be automatically initialized.
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If a crossdomain.xml file exists (and defines the required security credentials) at the root of the domain from where the resource is being accessed using a URL, there are no security violations and things work just fine. If crossdomain.xml is missing, the URL request would terminate with a security exception. In general, it s a good idea to understand the crossdomain.xml file, the Flash Player security model, and its significance. It s highly recommended that you read the article Understanding the security changes in Flash Player 10 by Trevor McCauley, accessible at http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/ articles/fplayer10_security_changes.html.
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Part of XML Document
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That is it! No coding is required for this demo. Run the sample and will see that the ToggleButton is enabled, as shown in Figure 5-6.
Client Principal = login/java@JETSPEED Server Principal = krbtgt/JETSPEED@JETSPEED Session Key = EncryptionKey: keyType=1 keyBytes (hex dump)= 0000: A7 16 D9 98 F4 20 3E DF Forwardable Ticket false Forwarded Ticket false Proxiable Ticket false Proxy Ticket false Postdated Ticket false Renewable Ticket false Initial Ticket false Auth Time = Sat Apr 17 15:54:10 BST 2004 Start Time = Sat Apr 17 15:54:10 BST 2004 End Time = Sun Apr 18 01:54:10 BST 2004 Renew Till = Null Client Addresses Null Private Credential: Kerberos Principal login/java@JETSPEEDKey Version 0key EncryptionKey: keyType=3 keyBytes (hex dump)= 0000: F2 61 89 1C C4 67 B6 C8
Figure 13 12. Configuring the SMB Setup name in DAVE
CHAPTER 3: Active Directory
Directory Searching:-- Allows for searches against the address book server to optionally query Open Directory for LDAP-based users (cn=users,dc=myco,dc=com) and/or public contacts (cn=people,dc=myco,dc=com). Data Store: The path to the Address Book database. User Quotas: Maximum size per user for the Address Book database
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