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(version 1) (debug deny) (deny default) (import "") (shell.dependencies) ;; specify any rw directories (allow file-write* file-read-data file-read-metadata (subpath "/PathToBackupDir") (regex "^/var/log/backup.log$")) ;; add our allowed processes (allow process-exec file-read-data file-read-metadata (literal "/usr/local/bin/sshwrapper") (literal "/usr/bin/rsync")) (allow process-fork) ;; make sure we can read the user's home (allow file-read-data file-read-metadata (regex "^(/private) /var/root"))
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Attributes and Class Declaration
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In every line of the output, the first field (the one containing combinations of dashes and the letters d, r, t, w, and x) reports the POSIX permissions, as laid out in a bitmap. Rather than using 1 s or 0 s though, it displays identifiers (the dashes and some of the letters) for each permission attribute. Let s look at the line that contains the word demo twice:
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The action request link tells the portlet to use a certain mode. This attribute is also optional, and if it is omitted, the portlet will retain its current mode. The portlet modes defined in the specification are VIEW, EDIT, and HELP. You may also use any custom portlet modes that your portal supports. Like window states, a nonvalid
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If your computer is a notebook computer, you ll see some extra options. Depending on the technology used in your computer, you might see a Set Display Brightness To slider, which you can use to set the brightness of the screen when the power is connected. Whenever AC power is connected, the display brightness will be changed to match this setting. You may see a When Laptop Lid Is Closed option, with a drop-down list. As it suggests, this will control what happens when the notebook is closed. Depending on the hardware
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Returning the name of the part of the date is great for using with things like customer statements. Changing the number 6 to the word June makes for more pleasant reading. The syntax is DATENAME(datepart, datetoinspect) We will also see this in action in DATEPART().
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Repeat this process to run the SqlWorkflowInstanceStoreLogic.sql script.
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An interface can be used to specify a function prototype that crosses different class types, and is not dependent on an inheritance tree. You can define functions that need to be in common across such classes those that inherit from different base classes by building them as an interface and having the class implement that interface.
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Getting Configuration Information
It will also have a state group named CoolDownStates, which will contain two states: Available: The button is active and available to be clicked. CoolDown: The button is in its cooldown state, and therefore is not active. You will place a rectangle over top of the button that is of 75% opacity. In addition, you will disable all other events while the button is in this state.
In this brief chapter, we looked at how you can schedule tasks under Ubuntu, which essentially means making programs run at certain times. We examined the cron and anacron daemons, which can schedule tasks to run at specific times or periodically, and we also examined the at command, which can schedule one-off tasks. In the final chapter of this book, we will look at how you can access your Ubuntu computer remotely theoretically, from any Internet-equipped location in the world.
EndSuccess Exception
The following sections describe features not otherwise covered in this book: how to detect CLR compilation, and XML documentation comments.
Your portlet can use a portlet request dispatcher to include the content from a servlet or JSP page. The portlet request dispatcher translates the portlet s render request and render response into servlet requests and responses. Then the portlet request dispatcher passes those servlet objects to the appropriate servlet or JSP resource. The resource processes the render request as if the request was an HttpServletRequest and adds its content to the portlet s render response. Each portlet has access to a portlet request dispatcher through the portlet s PortletContext object. The portlet request dispatcher is an object the portlet container creates that implements the PortletRequestDispatcher interface. Here are the two methods for retrieving a PortletRequestDispatcher object from the PortletContext object:
Let s say you have a checkout system but you don t want to insert user information into the database before the user has completed the transaction. You can track that as a transaction and set a save point in case the user wants to re-enter the information.
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