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CHAPTER 7: Adding the Game Controller
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Managing Application Activity idleTimerDisabled property
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Select the PriorityPolicy activity. In the Properties window, select the RuleSetReference property and click the ellipses. The Select Rule Set dialog should show the RuleSet that you just created. Click the New link to create a different RuleSet for this PolicyActivity. Click the Add Rule link. Enter the Name as Major Account, the Priority as 3, and the Condition as: this.CustomerData.Category == "Major" For the Then action, enter this.Priority = "High"; for the Else action, enter this.Priority = "Normal". This will set the Priority to High for major accounts and Normal for everyone else. Add another Rule to handle transactions that exceed the ThresholdAmount. Enter the Name as Over Limit, the Priority as 2, and the Condition as: this.TransactionData.Amount >= this.ActivityData.ThresholdAmount For the Then action, enter this.Priority = "High"; there is no Else action. Add a final Rule named Minimum. For the Condition, enter: this.TransactionData.Amount < this.ActivityData.MinimumAmount For the Then action, enter this.Priority = "Low". The completed RuleSet should look like the one shown in Figure 20-13.
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1. Open SSMSE, expand the Databases node, and select the AdventureWorks database. 2. Click the New Query button in the top-left corner of the window, as shown in Figure 41, and then enter the following query: Select * from Sales.SalesReason
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As noted earlier, you can choose to make a user an administrator of the local computer when you create an account. To elevate an existing account to an administrative account, you can simply check the Allow user to administer this computer checkbox, as shown in Figure 1-2. To set up basic policies for an account, you can click on the Open Parental Controls button for any non-administrator account and enable them. (We will cover more in-depth policies on local and network directory services accounts further in 7, Client Management.)
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You can follow the steps given above, changing all your class files that contain localizable resources so that they each implement the same generated bundle interface. Pros: This approach simplifies translation efforts; because all your strings are located in a single .rrc file, none will be overlooked. This approach also requires the smallest amount of typing, since you can directly reference all the resource keys within each class. Cons: If you have a large number of resource keys, it can become confusing to keep them all straight. This approach will slightly increase the size of your final executable, especially if you have a large number of class files.
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In addition, portlet URLs can specify that the portlet would like security enabled for the communication between the portal and the end user s browser. The setSecure() method takes an argument of true to enable security, or false if encryption is not needed by the portlet:
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Using Constraints
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It s time to build the project now. You can click the small, green play button in the main toolbox or press F5 on the keyboard to start the application in run-time mode. If the program compiles without any errors, you will see the form with the report in preview mode. Please make sure the report looks similar to Figure 4-35.
Don t worry about the specifics of this message right now. Connections often fail for reasons that have nothing to do with your code. It might be because a server isn t started, as in this case, or because a password is wrong, or because some other configuration problem exists. You ll soon look at common problems in establishing database connections.
CHAPTER 10: iPhone
Figure 4-3. The Standard controls during runtime We have just examined a simple demonstration of the Standard controls and used three different types. Let s take our example and expand on it by utilizing some additional Standard controls. 4. Add a DropDownList control from the ToolBox to the web page and place it near the Label control. Name the DropDownList control dropdownlistDisplay and proceed to the code view. Keep the same code as in the previous example; however, comment the line of code that sets the text of the TextBox to the Label and add code to add the text from the TextBox to the DropDownList control. Protected Sub buttonCopy_Click(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles buttonCopy.Click 'labelDisplay.Text = textDisplay.Text dropdownlistDisplay.Items.Add(textDisplay.Text) End Sub
data.Add(s) member x.Count = count // The model is continuous: missing samples are obtained by interpolation member x.GetValue(time:int64) = // Find the relevant point via a binary search let rec search (lo, hi) = let mid = (lo + hi) / 2 if hi - lo <= 1 then (lo, hi) elif data.[mid].Time = time then (mid, mid) elif data.[mid].Time < time then search (mid, hi) else search (lo, mid) if (data.Count = 0) then failwith "No data samples" if (lastTime < time) then failwith "Wrong time!" let lo,hi = search (0, data.Count - 1) if (data.[lo].Time = time || hi = lo) then data.[lo].Value elif (data.[hi].Time = time) then data.[hi].Value else // interpolate let p = if data.[hi].Time < time then hi else lo let next = data.[min (p+1) (data.Count-1)] let curr = data.[p] let spant = next.Time - curr.Time let spanv = next.Value - curr.Value curr.Value + float32(time-curr.Time) *(spanv/float32 spant) // This method finds the minimum and the maximum values given // a sampling frequency and an interval of time member x.FindMinMax(sampleFreq:int64, start:int64, finish:int64, minval:float32, maxval:float32) = if (data.Count = 0) then (minval, maxval) else let start = max start 0L let finish = min finish lastTime let minv,maxv = seq { start .. sampleFreq .. finish } |> Seq.map x.GetValue |> Seq.fold (fun (minv,maxv) v -> (min v minv,max v maxv)) (minval,maxval) if (minv = maxv) then let delta = if (minv = 0.0f) then 0.01f else 0.01f * abs minv (minv - delta, maxv + delta) else (minv, maxv)
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