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A number of application settings are relevant to web applications, but most of them are beyond the scope of this book. The easiest way to get some guidance is to look at the web.config.comments file. For Microsoft .NET, you can find this file in your Windows directory and the Microsoft.Net\Framework\{your .NET version}\CONFIG folder within. This same directory also contains a configuration file called machine.config, which has settings that apply to all web applications on the host machine. Many of the common, default settings are stored in this file.
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SQL Database
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It should be clear that your iPhone accessory circuits will be much more complicated than the lamp circuit in Figure 10 8. After all, they do so much more than turn a light on or off. On the other hand, if you view them as complex blocks arranged correctly, as in Figure 10 9, then your job doesn t look so daunting. Figure 10 9 is the top-level diagram of your Pong game controller.
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private function createFileMenu() : void { if( NativeApplication.supportsMenu ) { var fileMenu:NativeMenuItem = NativeApplication.nativeApplication.menu.getItemAt(1); fileMenu.submenu.addItemAt(new NativeMenuItem("-",true),0); var openDirectory:NativeMenuItem = new NativeMenuItem ( "Import Contact..." ); fileMenu.submenu.addItemAt(openDirectory,0); openDirectory.addEventListener(Event.SELECT, onImportContact); } }
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Facilitating Audio and Video
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will be previewed behind the wizard dialog box.
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CHAPTER 18: Backup and Fault Tolerance
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while (!serverContext.isEstablished()) { System.out.println("Exchanging tokens"); serverContext.acceptSecContext(input, output); output.flush(); } System.out.println("Client context established !"); String clientName = serverContext.getTargName().toString(); String serverName = serverContext.getSrcName().toString(); System.out.println( "Context established by " + serverName + " to " + clientName); if (serverContext.isEstablished()) { System.out.println("OK: Client is authenticated"); } else { System.out.println("ERROR: Client is NOT authenticated"); } } catch (GSSException e) { System.out.println("ERROR: Client is NOT authenticated"); System.out.println("MajorString:" + e.getMajorString()); System.out.println("MinorString:" + e.getMinorString()); e.printStackTrace(); } // Close socket. socket.close(); } }
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process. Override this to perform some action before the entire process.
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When building an Xsan, the installation of the Xsan software is typically one of the last tasks. It s important to verify DNS operation, TCP/IP connectivity, and connectivity to FC LUNs, prior to configuring the software. To verify DNS functionality, first use changeip, as covered in 1, to check that the forward and reverse DNS of the primary interfaces on your future metadata controllers resolve properly. Next, use dig to test DNS for the metadata network as well. For example, the following will look up the hostname for the IP address
CHAPTER 3: Active Directory
In this chapter, we covered just enough about Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server Management Studio to get you familiar with the kinds of things you ll do with these tools later in this book. Besides these tools, we also covered a bit about multiple .NET Framework versions on a single system. Now that your tools are installed and configured, you can start learning how to do database programming by learning the basics of T-SQL.
Animating Slides
Figure 26-1. Base starts with the Database Wizard to facilitate the quick and easy creation of
CHAPTER 1: Directory Services
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