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If you double-click the default rule that has been created for you, you will get a dialog box that allows you to define port ranges which govern the load distribution. As you can see in Figure 9-6, I ve made a small adjustment to the session affinity setting by changing it from Single to None.
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Figure 15-11. Image code inserted into a post
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indows CardSpace (formerly known as InfoCard) is a client application that allows your users to provide their digital identity and credentials to your application and other online services in a simple way while maintaining the essential qualities of security and trustworthiness. The interface it provides is typically known as an identity selector. Instead of logging into a web site with a username and password that can easily be forgotten, lost, or faked, the CardSpace application provides a UI with a set of cards that the user can choose from. These can either be cards that you generate yourself as a replacement for usernames and passwords, or managed cards, which are provided by an identity provider that is trusted such as your employer or bank. When you choose a card in response to a challenge from an online service, the application makes a request to the identity provider, signing and encrypting the communication, and the requested data is returned, also signed and encrypted. Should the user then want to relay the data to the online service, they can then do so, again in a secure encrypted and signed manner. The user is in charge of the communication at all times the identity provider never sends the information directly to the requestor. The ecosystem and architecture upon which CardSpace is built makes up what is usually termed the Identity Metasystem. This ecosystem is not limited to Microsoft and its technologies, but is a shared vision that is ultimately based on the WS-* standards. In this chapter, you ll take a look at getting started with using CardSpace on your site, seeing how you can accept information that comes from a card. For the sake of simplicity, you ll be using user-issued cards only which for all intents and purposes appear to be the same to you as the receiver of the information. You ll look at how to set up your system to try out CardSpace on your local IIS, and delve into some programming examples around accepting and parsing information out of cards that the user sends to you. First, however, you ll take a look at the client UI for CardSpace.
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When creating code or objects, you can integrate a source control system with SQL Server so that changes are immediately stored for safety. For each source control system, it is possible to define a plug-in that will then populate the combo box, as shown in Figure 2-15. You can then use this source control along with source control buttons and menu options.
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Try ' Open connection conn.Open() Console.WriteLine("Connection opened.")
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sudo sso_util configure -r REALM -a admin_name [-p password] service
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