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The three branches represent these scenarios. The first branch completes the request, and the second branch unassigns the request so someone else can work it. The third branch uses a Delay activity to wait for five minutes. If nothing has been done within that time, the request is automatically unassigned. If an operator has a request assigned to them and they decide to leave for the day and simply close their browser, the request would be left assigned to them. This means that no one else could work that request. This third branch was added to take care of that scenario. If the CompleteRequest() method is called, the first branch updates the request with the data provided. It then executes the CompleteInstance activity that was described earlier. This activity
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I could go on and on about when you should use one type over another, but as an accessory developer you ll more than likely end up using the DIP and QFN types. When you start to route your connections, if you choose to do it yourself, focus on the DIP and QFN pin diagrams in your spec. Why DIP and QFN you ask A DIP part is easy to handle and design for. The pins are exposed and available, so it can be easy to mod (modify or change) a circuit even after the board has been created. Use DIPs to test your design concepts in the early stages, if you can afford it. It s not that DIPs are higher cost, in fact, just the opposite. But, by fabricating (making) test circuits and boards, you ll be doing at least twice the work. Why do twice the work By doing twice the work, you re not doing four, five, or ten times the work. By creating a test circuit that you can have access to the circuit traces and IC pins, you can make changes and get it right so that the next board you send in to be made is correct. On the other hand, if you use parts and create boards that cannot be easily modified, changing your design means fabricating the board again. Every change might require an extra fabrication cycle, and every fabrication cycle is time and money. The reason for using QFN parts in your project is because that s how most parts for this level (complexity) of design are made. Since you ll be using parts that have fewer than about fifty pins, QFN will be the package of choice. The QFN package is designed as a good balance between spacing saving characteristics (note that there are no pins that visibly extend from the package) and cost.
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Understanding Subtyping
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browser and use the components. Save the project by selecting File Save as DarkNight.fxp.
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private void crawlNewHost(URL url) { Set links = new HashSet(); links.add(url); if( depth > 1 ) {
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