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Aggregate types in C++ include structures, unions, classes, and so on. C++/CLI provides managed aggregate types. The CTS supports several kinds of aggregate types: ref class and ref struct, a reference type representing an object value class and value struct, usually a small object representing a value enum class interface class, an interface only, with no implementation, inherited by classes and other interfaces Managed arrays Parameterized types, which are types that contain at least one unspecified type that may be substituted by a real type when the parameterized type is used Let s explore these concepts together by developing some code to make a simple model of atoms and radioactive decay. First, consider an atom. To start, we ll want to model its position and what type of atom it is. In this initial model, we re going to consider atoms to be like the billiard balls they were once thought to be, before the quantum revolution changed all that. So we will for the moment consider that an atom has a definite position in three-dimensional space. In classic C++, we might create a class like the one in the upcoming listing, choosing to reflect the atomic number the number of protons, which determines what type of element it is; and the isotope number the number of protons plus the number of neutrons, which determines which isotope of the element it is. The isotope number can make a very innocuous or a very explosive difference in practical terms (and in geopolitical terms). For example, you may have heard of carbon dating, in which the amount of radioactive carbon-14 is measured to determine the age of wood or other organic materials. Carbon can have an isotope number of 12, 13, or 14. The most common isotope of carbon is carbon-12, whereas carbon-14 is a radioactive isotope. You may also have heard a lot of controversy about isotopes of uranium.
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Back in 8, I introduced you to the new phpBB 3.0 permissions system with regard to working with forums. Additionally, you will be able to restrict all facets of a user s interaction with the board, including limiting access in the Administration panel, restricting private messages, and much more. Per-user and group permissions have been expanded considerably and are far more flexible than ever before. Here are a few of the permissions enhancements: The Founder: A new security feature in phpBB 3.0 designates the user who set up the forum as the community Founder. The Founder cannot, under any circumstances, lose administrative privileges. The Founder has the right, by default, to all objects, and other administrators cannot edit these preferences. This prevents malicious users from demoting every administrator and holding a board hostage, so to speak. Administrative permissions for user groups: A glaring omission from phpBB 2.0 is the ability to assign a user group administrator rights. This is no longer the case in phpBB 3.0. As before, you can use user groups to assign moderator permissions, and also assign supermoderators in the same fashion. User groups have become much more useful in this release as a result of these changes, and they are my preferred method for designating permissions in phpBB 3.0. Piecemeal administrative/moderator power: phpBB s permissions system breaks the mold of one-size-fits-all permissions for moderators and administrators and now permits you to assign or revoke individual rights to users or groups. For example, you can set someone to be able to access the Administration panel to ban users and edit user accounts, but not view the system logs.
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service systems without much reeducation of entry-level system administrators. The best example of this is Apple s parental controls system that, at its base, leverages the same technology used to manage thousands of Mac OS X in enterprise environments every day. Due to such forethought, clients can also be configured out of the box to utilize a variety of other external directory services; support for several network-based directory service systems is provided without the installation of any additional software. This chapter starts with an explanation of how the local directory service works. Once we have explained how local users can be managed, we will move on to discuss LDAP, the industry-standard directory database used to supply directory services. Next, we will cover various types of binding to directory servers from Mac OS X that let end users log into their computers using a centralized username and password. Finally, we will look at building external accounts and show how to build a directory service based on Apple s Open Directory.
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-e: Edit the crontab file (create/amend) -l: List crontab entries -r: Delete the crontab file -u: Specify a user and edit their crontab file
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CHAPTER 8: Malware Security: Combating Viruses, Worm, and Root Kits
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Configuring your laptops in this way, by allowing your VM s to utilize local storage has numerous benefits. First, the barrier between host OS and guest OS becomes less of a mental challenge when both have access to the same data. This means your users will have less difficulty in comprehending the dual OS workflow. Secondly, it allows for the utilization of OS X-based home directory syncing, which will ensure that both OS X and
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Evolution s e-mail functionality is arguably the heart of the program. Although it offers a lot of features, it is quite simple to use. If you ve ever used any other mainstream e-mail client, such as Microsoft Outlook, you have a head start.
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Next, you created an OleDbConnection object instead of a SqlConnection object. Note the changes to the connection string. Instead of the server parameter, you used Provider and Data Source. Notice the value of the Integrated Security parameter must be sspi, not true:
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MyWorkerObject (ID: MWO#1)
Note UNPIVOT is not the exact reverse of PIVOT. PIVOT performs an aggregation and hence merges possible multiple rows into a single row in the output. UNPIVOT does not reproduce the original table-valued expression result because rows have been merged. Besides, NULL values in the input of UNPIVOT disappear in the output, whereas there may have been original NULL values in the input before the PIVOT operation.
the next section will schedule a backup to run at a specific time, which will relieve us of needing to be available to complete a backup at the specified time. Let s start by looking at the manual backup.
Each query returns a separate result set, and each result set is stored in a separate data table (in the order in which the queries were specified). The first table was explicitly named customers; the second was given the default name customers1. You got the data table collection from the dataset Tables property for ease of reference later:
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