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Rules-Based Approaches
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authenticate to the LDAP servers when performing lookups against the LDAP database.
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The sort_multiblock_read_count dictates the number of blocks that a process can read from a single sort run in one read. A larger read size may allow your hardware to offer better performance on the merge, but since there is a strict limit on the total memory available for the merge, a larger read size reduces the number sort runs that can be read and merged simultaneously. If you cannot merge all the runs in one go, you have to merge a few at a time, rewriting the results as you go, and then do extra merge passes with the larger runs you have just produced. This is reported from 9i onwards in the session statistics as workarea executions - multipass and is something that you normally want to avoid. Historically, Oracle Corp. advised against modifying the sort_multiblock_read_count, and the parameter usually seemed to set itself to two (or one) blocks even when the available memory was very large and the upper limit for the max intermediate merge width (678) had been reached. If you are still running 8i (or 9i with manual workarea sizes), you may find that you can get a little performance edge for very large sorts by checking the 10032 trace and adjusting the sort_multiblock_read_count for a specific session or specific statement.
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You replaced the update comment in the Try block with quite a bit of code. Let s look at it piece by piece. Creating a command is nothing new, but notice that you use the update SQL variable (upd), not the query one (sql).
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1. In a Query Editor pane, enter the following T-SQL code. This will back up the transaction log to the same media set as the full and differential backups. While developing and learning SQL Server, this is a valid scenario, and in some production setups you may want to back up to the same place as your daily full backup. However, the downside is that if you take several transaction log backups between each differential backup and full backup, then SQL Server will have to skip these if they were not required as part of the restore operation. On a tape drive, this could cause significant overhead. In this scenario, you would be better to save the transaction log files to a different media set. BACKUP LOG ApressFinancial TO DISK = 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Backup\ ApressFinancial.bak' WITH NAME = 'ApressFinancial-Transaction Log Backup', SKIP, NOUNLOAD, STATS = 10 2. This code replicates the Truncate the Transaction Log option, as shown in Figure 7-7. Execute the code.
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Configuring Statistics
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