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Table 8-3. Some Functions from the Event Module
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Let s do the data mapping from our data tables. Select Data Source dsDivisionSales YearOfOperation and drag and drop it inside the second row of the first column of the matrix, where it says Rows . This takes care of rows. Now, select Data Source dsDivisionSales DivisionID and drag and drop it inside the first row of the second column of the matrix, where it says Columns . This takes care of columns. Finally, select Data Source dsDivisionSales NetSalesAmout and drag and drop it inside the second row of the second column of the matrix, where it says Data . This takes care of data, which will get tabulated for each row and column specified earlier. If you recall, we have one text box in the body section; set the value of this text box to Divisionwise Five Years Sales Performance . Also set the font of the text box to bold. After you do the mapping and set up the report title, your report design should look similar to the one shown in Figure 4-58.
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This authentication key specifies the service that will be utilized to authenticate the user. Notice that it mentions ShadowHash, which indicates that the system will utilize a local file called a hash file to authenticate the user. Mac OS X password hash files contain copies of a users password in multiple formats. This allows for different services to authenticate a user with their own native password encryption type. The ShadowHash means is that passwords are stored outside the directory service, in another location (one that shadows the directory). Going back to the concepts introduced earlier in this chapter, identification is done through the directory; authentication to the account is done through the shadow. NOTE: In Snow Leopard, users by default also have a ;Kerberosv5; authentication authority with a generated principal on the local KDC; accounts can be authenticated against the KDC or the shadow hash. In the user s plist file, you will also see a generateduid key. This key is used to track the user account, even if their shortname is changed. GeneratedUIDs are based on a standard called the Universally Unique IDentifier (UUID), which is a complex
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Listing 19-1. Adding a public property public static DependencyProperty MessageProperty = DependencyProperty.Register("Message", typeof(string), typeof(CustomActivity)); [DescriptionAttribute("Message")] [BrowsableAttribute(true)] [DesignerSerializationVisibilityAttribute(DesignerSerializationVisibility.Visible)] public string Message { get { return ((string)(base.GetValue(MessageProperty))); } set { base.SetValue(MessageProperty, value); } } This code defines a string property named Message, which can be accessed from outside the workflow. Now enter the following implementation for the CodeActivity to display the Message property: Console.WriteLine(this.Message); The complete implementation of CustomActivity.cs is shown in Listing 19-2. Listing 19-2. Implementation of CustomActivity.cs using using using using using using using using using using using using using System; System.ComponentModel; System.ComponentModel.Design; System.Collections; System.Drawing; System.Linq; System.Workflow.ComponentModel; System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Design; System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Compiler; System.Workflow.ComponentModel.Serialization; System.Workflow.Runtime; System.Workflow.Activities; System.Workflow.Activities.Rules;
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Packaging OTA Installs
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public void store() throws IOException, ValidatorException
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NOTE: We strongly endorse picking the right tool for each job. Composer is very easy to learn, making it well worth the minimal investment to purchase it. However, when you reach the limits of what it can do, chances are good you ll look to PackageMaker to move to the next step.
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6. Switch to Design view, select the image, and open the Properties window. Click the ellipsis button beside the ImageUrl property. This will take you to the Select Image dialog box, as shown in Figure 15-13. Select the Pearl HR.JPG image located under the Images folder and click OK.
Common Unix Printing System; set of programs that work in the background to handle printing under Unix and Linux.
Software companies don t always know where an application is going to be hosted. For example, a software company builds a ClickOnce application that provides problem-tracking functionality. One of the companies that purchased the software wants to deploy the software to their internal users who do not have an Internet connection; however, they have a connection to the internal network (see Figure 9-13).
ecurity is important more so, in fact, than design, creation, and performance. If your database had no security measures in place, absolutely anyone could come along and steal or corrupt the data, causing havoc to you and your company. And not just in one database, but on every database in every server. Security can be enforced in many ways on a SQL Server: by Windows itself through Windows authentication; by restricting users access to sensitive data through views; or by specifically creating users, logins, and roles that have explicit levels of access. This chapter covers some parts of security, although it is impossible to talk about every area of security, mainly because we haven t seen much of SQL Server s contents yet! In 1 we looked at the difference between Windows authentication and SQL Server authentication, so already you know your options with regard to the type of security you might wish to use. So what is next First of all, you need to understand what users, roles, and logins are.
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