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The RuleSetReference defines the set of rules (called a ruleset) for this policy, which is implemented by a RuleSet class. Select this property and click on the ellipses. The dialog shown in Figure 20-6 is displayed.
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The <namespace> tag is completely dependent on the portal container used, and you should not rely on any specific formatting to parse out any data. Just use the <namespace> tag or the getNamespace() method on the portlet s RenderResponse object. Our JavaScript event handler would be rewritten to look like this:
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Figure 9-21. The input and output of the three phases of a build process
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string -> LexBuffer<char> TextReader -> LexBuffer<char> BinaryReader -> LexBuffer<byte> LexBuffer<char> -> string Lexing.Position bool Lexing.Position
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3. Restart Eclipse, and make sure the shortcut has a target argument refresh, in order for
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One of the biggest surprises you can get from simple selectivity calculations appears when you start using one of the most popular pseudo-columns in Oracle, the sysdate. There are 1,440 minutes in a day, so if you run the following SQL, you will get a table holding four-and-one-half days worth of minutes (see script sysdate_01.sql in the online code suite). create table t1 as
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The producer does not have to be a portal that allows direct user access. For instance, a large company could have a sales portlet application hosted on a server cluster in a central location. The server cluster would be behind a network firewall that allows traffic and access (using WSRP) only from consumer portals run by its customers. The portlet s user accesses the consumer portals and is unaware that the portlet runs on a separate server. This environment has a deployment cost advantage over a solution that requires the portlet application on each consumer portal. Any upgrades for the portlet application are automatic, and the consumer portal administrators do not have to worry about the portlet application details.
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What Is the BASH Shell
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F# constructs such as lists, tuples, and function values are all generic, which means they can be instantiated at multiple different types. For example, int list, string list, and (int * int) list are all instantiations of the generic family of F# list types. Likewise, int -> int and string -> int are both instantiations of the generic family of F# function types. The F# library and the .NET Framework have many other generic types and operations in addition to these. Closely related to generics is the notion of subtyping. Generics and subtyping combine to allow you to write code that is generic over families of types. This chapter covers .NET and F# types in general and generics and subtyping in particular. You show how F# uses automatic generalization to automatically infer generic types for your code, and the chapter covers some of the basic generic functions in the F# libraries, such as generic comparison, hashing, and binary serialization.
public void setBufferSize(int size)
SHA256 SHA384 SHA512 MD5
As you would expect, the DataGridCheckBoxColumn contains a check box. If you have data that you want to display as a check box in your grid, this is the control to use. Here is an example of the DataGridCheckBoxColumn that contains the header Male and is bound to the data source s Male property: <my:DataGrid x:Name="grid" Margin="10" AutoGenerateColumns="False"> <my:DataGrid.Columns> <my:DataGridCheckBoxColumn Header="Male " DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding Male}" /> </my:DataGrid.Columns> </my:DataGrid>
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