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The Image module requires a directory inside the files directory for the storage of your images. When you select administer settings image (admin/settings/image) for the first time, Drupal will create two directories for you: files/images and files/images/temp. If you do not want to use the defaults set by Drupal, you have the opportunity to designate a different path and name in the Default Image Path field. Note that this path is relative to the files directory.
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Table 6-1. Typical Monitor Resolutions
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-i: Install specified package -r: Remove (uninstall) specified package -I: Show info about specified package --ignore-depends= packagename.deb: Don t halt on package dependency issues (dangerous!)
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Basic script used in this chapter to build a table with six indexed columns Sample to show how db_file_multiblock_read_count affects bitmap costs Queries that combine two indexes on the base table from the script bitmap_cost_01.sql Script to generate a large table (800MB with 36 million rows) to demonstrate the general uselessness of bitmap indexes on columns of very low distinct cardinality Sample script showing how to make small changes to existing object-level statistics Repeats bitmap_cost_03.sql, with the hair_code in sorted order Effects of nullable columns and bitmap MINUS Demonstration of bug in bitmap OR Effects of CPU costing Example of bitmap join index Example of B-tree index to in-memory bitmap conversion plan Example of bitmap index to in-memory B-tree conversion plan Sets a standardized environment for SQL*Plus
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' Create data adapter Dim da As SqlDataAdapter = New SqlDataAdapter(sql, conn)
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public String getFirstMP3Path() throws IOException { Enumeration roots = FileSystemRegistry.listRoots(); while (roots.hasMoreElements()) { String root = (String) roots.nextElement(); String match = getFirstMP3Path(root); if (match != null) { return match; } } return null; } public String getFirstMP3Path(String directoryPath) throws IOException { FileConnection directory = (FileConnection) Connector
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Default Drupal URL
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DBA Stands For . . .
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Figure 7-7. Four virtual desktops are set up by default, but you can have as many as 36.
# fsck *
In general, smaller file system block sizes are best in cases where there are many small, random reads and writes, as when a volume is used for home directories or general file sharing. In cases such as these, the default 4KB block size is best. If, however, the workflow supported by the volume consists mostly of sequential reads or writes, as is the case for audio or video streaming or capture, you can get better performance with a larger block size. Try a 64KB block size in such cases.
CHAPTER 8: Automating Administrative Tasks
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