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This is another long one. This isn t too surprising when we look at the names of the tables we are starting with a pair that we know to be related, and by the time we join the third table (grandparent), we will still have some joinable data. We wouldn t be so lucky if the third table were greatgrandparent. Join order[5]: PARENT[P]#1 CHILD[C]#0 GRANDPARENT[GP]#2 GREATGRANDPARENT[GGP]#3 Now joining: CHILD[C]#0 ******* NL Join Outer table: cost: 631 cdn: 110 rcz: 27 resp: 631 Inner table: CHILD Alias: C Access Path: table-scan Resc: 2517 Join: Resc: 277488 Resp: 277488 Access Path: index (scan) Index: C_PK rsc_cpu: 15543 rsc_io: 2 ix_sel: 5.0000e-011 ix_sel_with_filters: 5.0000e-011 NL Join: resc: 851 resp: 851 Best NL cost: 851 resp: 851 Using concatenated index cardinality for table PARENT Revised join selectivity: 1.0000e-004 = 7.9445e-007 * (1/10000) * (1/7.9445e-007) Join Card: 0.75 = outer (110.05) * inner (68.01) * sel (1.0000e-004) SM Join Outer table: resc: 631 cdn: 110 rcz: 27 deg: 1 resp: 631 Inner table: CHILD Alias: C resc: 2517 cdn: 68 rcz: 27 deg: 1 resp: 2517 using join:1 distribution:2 #groups:1 SORT resource Sort statistics Sort width: 58 Area size: 208896 Max Area size: Degree: 1 Blocks to Sort: 1 Row size: 40 Total Rows: Initial runs: 1 Merge passes: 0 IO Cost / pass: Total IO sort cost: 0 Total CPU sort cost: 5033608 Total Temp space used: 0
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6 4. Configuring MSMQ Sends
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This final category of steps demonstrates how to lay out the computed items created in the earlier category of steps. If you did not complete the previous category of steps, you will not be presented with the option of creating a pivot table. The pivot table created in this recipe appears in the BAM portal and is the representation of the data for the user. An Excel pivot table allows you to lay out worksheet data in a grid to analyze trends over data as well as perform data aggregations. In this scenario, the progress
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keep in mind that while your default port might be 8008, if you are using SSL your default port is actually 8443. Once you get this far, you should be able to create an event and see data listed in the Overview tab for iCal. If so, you should be able to find out about anything you want in the iCal server.
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<mx:request> <bq>digital+camera</bq> </mx:request>
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} catch(error) { ajaxRequest = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } } </script>
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// start database protected function creationCompleteHandler():void { var password:String = null; // leave as null to have the database unsecure or set a password for secure connection. Example: "Pa55word"; var sqliteTables:Vector.<SqliteTableVO> = new Vector.<SqliteTableVO>; sqliteTables[0] = new SqliteTableVO( "Users", "CREATE TABLE Users (UserId INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, UserName VARCHAR(150)); " ); sqliteTables[1] = new SqliteTableVO( "Orders", "CREATE TABLE Orders (OrderId INTEGER PRIMARY KEY, UserId VARCHAR(150), OrderTotal DOUBLE);" ); addListeners(); this.ordersDataGrid.dataProvider = new Array(); database.start( "Users.sql3", sqliteTables, password, sqliteTables[0].tableName ); }
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Determining by API
Shared Interfaces or Base Objects
< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <mx:Window xmlns:mx="" layout="absolute" width="100" height="100" title="{}"> <mx:Script> <![CDATA[ private function loaded():void { if ( theImg.content != null && theImg.content.width > 0 ) { stage.nativeWindow.width = theImg.content.width + 20; stage.nativeWindow.height = theImg.content.height + 40; } } ]]> </mx:Script> <mx:Image id="theImg" source="{data.url}" httpStatus="loaded();" /> </mx:Window>
You used a utility method provide by LINQ, ObjectDumper.Write(), to display the result:
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