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The -x option tells tar to extract the files from the mybackup.tar archive. Extracting compressed archives is simply a matter of adding the -j or -z option to the -x option:
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Some of you may never need this and that s fine. What I hope you have gotten from this is that the application process should not be a mystery. You may never need to subclass UIApplication or change the call to UIApplicationMain, but if you need to and there are legitimate reasons for this as you ve seen then it s not all that hard to do so.
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Many in-house build systems rely on makefiles. While not as elegant as Ant, make has a long history and supports powerful command-line expressions. If you plan to use makefiles, consider defining a BlackBerry rule to build the .cod target. This rule can then in turn use other rules for running rapc, signing, and performing any other required build steps. Your BlackBerry rule can be invoked as part of the standard build cycle, which may include steps for documentation, publishing, or other important tasks.
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Outer Joins
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If you ve been reading this book linearly, you already know about the namespaces and how they are used. However, if you jumped straight to this chapter, it may be beneficial to take another look at the MXML code listing above and notice the use of the MXML 2009, MX/Halo, and the Spark namespaces. With the namespaces clarified, let s walk through portions of the Flex 4 MXML code behind the elementary example. Unlike previous versions of Flex, Flex 4 mandates that any non-visual component, like HttpService, when defined using MXML be declared within the fx:Declarations tag. Therefore, the HttpService instantiation in the example follows this guideline. Notice that the send method of the HTTPService component needs to be called for the invocation to take place. For easy access and user control, we bound the call to this send method as an event handler to the click event of a button, which we labeled Invoke HTTPService. The send method could have been called from any other event handler including creationComplete, which is triggered when the creationComplete system event is fired. Once the application is set up, its child components are all created, laid out, visible, and ready to be used. This simple example involved the default HTTP GET method call. Setting the method property value as POST would have allowed POST method calls as well. Other HTTP method calls, like HEAD, OPTIONS, TRACE, and DELETE, can also be made using the HTTPService component, but in that case you d need to use a proxy. I ll come back to this in a bit. Once you make a request, the web server will come back with a response. If successful, it returns the desired resource or data; if unsuccessful, it returns an error code, which can help you understand the cause of the failure. In this code, we don t do any of this; we simply bind the returned response referenced through the lastResult property of the service component to a data provider attribute. The outcome piped to the data provider of a Halo data grid makes the interface appear, as in Figure 7-4.
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Creating Stored Procedures
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In Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, click the Debug Windows Output menu option to bring up the Output window. The URI should be printed together with the changing uri to message, as shown in Figure 17 7. Highlight the URI and press Ctrl/C to copy it into the buffer. Make sure to leave the application running in the Windows Phone emulator, since you will be receiving push notifications on this emulator screen. Switch to the PNServer Windows Forms project and press F5 to run it. In the Push Notifications URL text box, paste the URI obtained in Step 1 by pressing Ctrl/V. In the Push Notifications Title and Push Notifications Text text boxes, you can enter any text for example, Time to buy! and MSFT up $2 after WP7 release. Press the Send Notification button.
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Note In this scenario, the extension was created by a workflow activity. It was then accessed by the application when the instance was completed to extract any data stored by the workflow activities. The first extension you developed worked just the opposite. The application created the extension, storing data in it. The workflow activities then accessed the extension to get the data provided by the application. These two examples demonstrate both the usefulness and flexibility of workflow extensions.
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Exception handling is controversial. All aspects of exception handling, it seems, are up for debate. Regardless of what your position is, one thing remains certain: if your framework uses exceptions, you, too, must use exceptions. For CLI types, there is no option not to use exception handling. However, you must use it sensibly and with restraint. Exceptions should not be used in normal flow control, because they do incur a significant performance penalty when thrown and caught. Exceptions should be used for truly exceptional conditions, errors that would not be expected from normal, correct program functioning.
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7. 8.
This enables you to specify the action to take when you start the project. It s a shortcut to the Property Pages window, with the start options already selected (see Figure 2-15).
Now it s time to code the user interface, which we ve chosen to implement in XAML. Sometimes it is faster to work with XAML when working with a simple example that requires only a few controls. Go to Solution Explorer, open MainPage.xaml, and replace the XAML you find there with the following two blocks of code.
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