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Allow Internal Network Connections Allow External Network Connections Allow Local Connections Modify Device Settings Reset Security Timer Set Applications as Mandatory, Optional, or Forbidden Access to Browser Filter API Access to Email API Access to Event Injection Access to File API Access to GPS API Access to Local Key Store (Crypto)
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Designing the Page Header and Footer
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Listing 3-15. Spring Configuration of a List Property
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You want to insall BizTalk Server RFID (Radio-frequency identification) on the same server as BizTalk Server 2010.
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Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to test sending or receiving MMS messages within the simulator. MMS relies on a combination of SMS message delivery, a cooperative MMSC, and data delivery to send messages. The simulator cannot easily recreate this complicated environment. Your best option will be to test on the actual device. Your phone will need to be able to send and receive MMS messages through the native Message application in order for it to be able to send or receive MMS messages within your app. If it can not, contact your wireless carrier or IT administrator to properly set up your wireless data plan and IT policy.
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There isn t much of a reason to build a configuration if you aren t then going to apply it to a device. The iPhone Configuration Utility can be used to deploy configurations to iPhone and iPod touch devices directly, or you can export a signed configuration for deployment via email or web. The process is very similar to that of manually deploying certificates, described earlier in this chapter in the Installing Certificates section. To start, assume that you are batch processing a large number of iPhones, and as such, you will be doing the deployment from a central location. The process involves first connecting the device to an admin station running the iPhone configuration utility with the appropriate mobile profile for deployment. Once connected, the iPhone configuration utility will discover and catalog the device, including the device serial number, unique identifier, and the device s public key. Figure 10-27 illustrates an iPhone discovered via the iPhone configuration utility.
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Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
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Table 2-2. MMAPI System Properties (continued)
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For the vast majority of environments, the functionality provided through Apple s native Active Directory plug-in will provide all that is needed for successful integration. However, there are numerous scenarios where functionality is needed outside of that provided through Apple s solution. Apple considers these edge cases for the most part, but if you need a feature such as multiple-Forest support (rather than simply multipleDomain support, which is part of the Active Directory plug-in), or DFS, Microsoft s Distributed File System, then you may need to turn to a third-party solution.
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But the costs from the two bitmap indexes are nearly identical, regardless of whether the target data is extremely scattered, or very densely packed. (It is a nuisance that the optimizer doesn t report any cost against bitmap indexes this is a critical bit of useful information that is also missing from the explain plan and can only be found in 10053 trace files.) Of course, looking at the statistics available for the two bitmap indexes, it s not really surprising that the costs given for the two paths are about the same there isn t really anything in the statistics that describes the way that the data is distributed through the table. (You may think the factor of 7 difference in the leaf_block counts should mean something, and there is an element of truth in this, but it s not really a good indicator. In this example, that factor is large because of my artificial 90% free space declaration.) So, where does the calculated cost come from for bitmap indexes I can tell you part of the answer, and approximate another part but this is where my warning about accuracy and bugs starts to have effect.
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