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Figure 1 10. Software Update preference pane
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Specifies whether sensitive information should be passed back after connecting None
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example, in 12, we will look at accessing Windows shares across a network, and you ll need to enable SMB incoming and outgoing access for this to work. In 33, we will look at using the SSH service, which will have to be allowed through the firewall. In other words, securing your computer isn t something you can do once and then forget about. It s a continual process.
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TIP: Do not be frustrated if you find yourself not being involved early on in projects, just make certain you fully participate from the moment you are asked to join. Another benefit to being involved early in any project plan is that you will be able to have clearly defined tasks to accomplish as part of the deployment. Having clearly defined tasks is a wonderful way to make certain that you can manage the expectations that others will have with regard to your role and participation. With defined tasks, you will not be concerned that someone is expecting you to handle everything or to just make it work. The lines of communication should be open for all project members, making it easier to smooth out any bumps during implementation and for every member to step up to fulfill their roles and complete their tasks.
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when execution control returns to the portlet. We will discuss using servlets and JSP with portlets in more detail in 5. The request attributes can be retrieved from the portlet request with the getAttribute() method on the PortletRequest interface. If there are no request attributes with the name passed in as an argument, the method will return null.
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Figure 4 8. Schema Collection Property Editor dialog box
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string val = (string)ReadPropertyBag(propertyBag, m_propbagkey_customproprop); if (val != null) m_propname = val; val = (string)ReadPropertyBag(propertyBag, m_propbagkey_custompropropnamespace); if (val != null) m_propnamespace = val; } public void Save(IPropertyBag propertyBag , Boolean clearDirty, Boolean saveAllProperties) { // Saves the current component configuration into the property bag. object val = (object)m_propname; WritePropertyBag(propertyBag, m_propbagkey_customproprop, val); val = (object)m_propnamespace; WritePropertyBag(propertyBag, m_propbagkey_custompropropnamespace, val); } private static object ReadPropertyBag(IPropertyBag propertyBag , string propertyName) { // Reads property value from property bag. object val = null; try { propertyBag.Read(propertyName, out val, 0); } catch(ArgumentException) { return val; } catch(Exception ex) { throw new ApplicationException(ex.Message); } return val; } private static void WritePropertyBag(IPropertyBag propertyBag , string propertyName, object val) { // Writes property values into a property bag. try { propertyBag.Write(propertyName, ref val); } catch(Exception ex)
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Option-N: Boot from a default boot image on a NetBoot volume. Shift: Disables nonessential kernel extensions (drivers). Shift (if held after submitting login credentials): Disables user startup
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