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Configuring a Library Branch
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9. You now need to add users and user roles to the system by using the Web Site Administration Tool. To access this tool, click on the Website menu and choose ASP.NET Con guration. You will see the home page of the Web Site Administration Tool (Figure 7-15).
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The functions with a suffix n add a new line to the generated text. Table 4-5 shows the basic formatting codes for printf-style formatting.
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Rather than typing T-SQL code by hand, we can use a type of wizard that allows a query to be built up by selecting tables and columns via check boxes, and so on. Pressing the button shown in the following image brings up this wizard, known as the Query Design Editor, which you will see in action in 9.
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Next, click on the New button and then click on Manual, as shown in Figure 2-9. If you were to enter the Server Name or IP address in the appropriately named field, you would be performing a trusted bind.
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select trunc(7000 * dbms_random.normal) from kilo_row kilo_row where rownum <= 1000000 ; You will notice that this statement uses the subquery factoring mechanism introduced in 9i, which means the code won t run under 8i. The result is a table holding 1,000,000 random values in a normal distribution. I ve used the dbms_random package to generate the data, and the first line of code, the seed() call, is very important for reproducible examples. This test case should produce a total of 42,117 different values, ranging from 32,003 to 34,660. Since there are 1,000,000 rows, there will be (on average) 24 rows per recorded value. Of course, if we happen to check a few specific values, we will find that this average could be quite misleading. For example, three rows have the value 18,000; only one row has the value +18,000; and for the value 0 we find 109 rows. Of course, if you are familiar with the famous bell curve of the normal distribution, you won t be surprised at the variations in these results. To highlight this variation, we could collect and graph the results from this query: select normal, count(*) ct from t1 group by normal; If we did this, the graph would look something like the approximation shown in Figure 7-1. k1, k2 normal code 128 barcode
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This is where the Microsoft Azure cloud comes into your solution. Microsoft Azure provides Windows Azure service for deploying services (WCF, Windows service) and SQL Azure for the database that allows you to scale infinitely as your demand grows larger. You will learn more about the Microsoft Azure cloud in 3. There are also Bing Maps services that you can use freely. Bing Maps is free only if you are developing a Windows Phone application. Along with Bing Maps services, Microsoft provides Bing Maps controls in Silverlight that you can use in Windows Phone. You will learn about Bing Maps and location services in 14. Push notification services are hosted in the cloud as well, which allows you to push messages to the phone, which is a very powerful messaging mechanism. You can learn more about this in 17. Xbox LIVE services also reside in the cloud, which you can take advantage of in your application. This topic will not be covered in this book, however. You learned a bit about Windows Phone and the Windows Phone platform in the foregoing sections. In the following sections, you will learn about the beginning to the end of Windows Phone application development.
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Spring makes localization of content particularly easy. Java already provides a lot of this functionality in its use of resource bundles, which allow locale-specific files to be loaded automatically. Listing 6-40 shows the configuration of a message source that can be used by Spring to obtain content from a standard Java resource bundle. The message source is used by the message, errors, and theme page tags, making the inclusion of locale-specific content a matter of replacing inline text with appropriate custom tags.
Figure 11-19. Finding unique values
Figure 6-2. The newly created ASP .NET web service
Now that you ve configured the Image Assist module, you can use it to insert in-line images into posts. When you create a new story, blog, page, or similar node type that has one or more text areas for content, you will notice the Image Assist icon directly below the text areas. Click this icon, and the Image Assist pop-up window will appear (so make sure your browser allows pop-ups for your site), as shown in Figure 4-6.
n 4 you used data readers to retrieve data from a multirow result set. In this chapter, we ll look at data readers in more detail. You ll see how they re used and their importance in ADO.NET programming. In particular, you ll see how to use data readers to: Retrieve query results Get information with ordinal and column name indexers Get result set information Get schema information Process multiple result sets
#r "EnvDTE" open System.Runtime.InteropServices let appObj =Marshal.GetActiveObject("VisualStudio.DTE") : > EnvDTE80.DTE2 printfn "%s" appObj.ActiveDocument.FullName
CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
Getting an XmlReader from XPathNavigator
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