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CHAPTER 5: Messaging and Groupware
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Putting in the extra effort to integrate phpBB with your web site will score major points with your visitors. A seamless integration of phpBB with the rest of your site gives your board an extremely professional appearance and establishes continuity, so people will remain familiar with your board s navigation as it relates to the rest of your web site. The results will show that you put a lot of time and energy into what you do, and that you take pride in it. Additionally, do you want to be just another one of the many phpBB boards out there running the default subSilver theme Making your community stand out captures your visitors interest, and they ll be more likely to come back for more. In this section, I m going to run with the assumption that you are shooting for an integrated look for your site. It s the course of action I recommend, as continuity goes a long way toward keeping visitors comfortable with your site s layout. This section is also based on modifying subSilver. When you re working on your themes, I strongly suggest using the default subSilver style as your base. subSilver is well tested, actively developed, and well supported in the community. It contains implementations of all the pertinent template variables, and has plenty of documentation. You can do as little or as much to it as you want. Because subSilver is the default phpBB theme, having some continuity between it and your custom skin will help users adjust to your community more quickly, especially if
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Executes SQL queries, statements, or stored procedures Represents a connection to an OLE DB data source Represents a bridge between a dataset and a data source Provides a forward-only, read-only data stream of rows from a data source Holds information on errors and warnings returned by the data source Represents a command parameter Represents a SQL transaction
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Figure 10-2. Exception with <debug loadTypes="true" />
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specify the role Open Directory Replica. The interface will then query you for information about the Open Directory system to connect to. Specifically, you will need to specify the Open Directory Master s IP/DNS name, the root user s password, and the Open Directory admin s short name and password. After specifying this information and continuing, the server will contact the Open Directory master and begin replicating all of the relevant databases. This process does involve taking the Open Directory Master s LDAP database offline during initial setup, so plan accordingly. In a typical scenario, it will be offline for roughly a minute. That being said, it is always a good idea to perform this operation during non-peak times. If the server that you re promoting to replica status is not already in the role of a standalone server, it s a good idea to demote it to stand alone before it is configured as a replica. However, it s an even better idea to start off with a nice clean server as your replica, so this situation should be completely avoidable. Replicas can also be created using the slapconfig binary. From the replica, run the command with the syntax:
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Should you find prelinking makes a particular application malfunction or simply stop working, you can try undoing prelinking. To do this, find out where the main binary for the program resides, and issue the prelink command with the --undo command option. For example, to remove prelinking from the Gedit text editor program, you could type the following:
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Various controls come with Visual Studio 2008, and they are built to achieve different functionality from one another. However, the industry has identified a few events that are common among many controls, and most applications use only these types of controls. Table 17-1 describes the common events among various controls. Table 17-1. Common Events
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The servlet response object passed to the servlet or JSP by the portlet wraps the behavior of the portlet s RenderResponse object. Like the RenderRequest object, the RenderResponse object is similar to its servlet counterpart. Having a firm knowledge of Java servlet programming can go a long way in understanding portlet development and best practices. Table 5-2 describes the behavior of the methods on the HttpServletResponse object when a portlet includes content from a servlet or JSP .
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<fx:Script> <![CDATA[ import mx.controls.Alert; import mx.rpc.events.FaultEvent; private function faultHandler(event:FaultEvent):void { Alert.show('Oops there is a problem!....' + event.fault.message); } ]]> </fx:Script>
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) order by endpoint_value ; You may have noticed one oddity with the call to dbms_stats that I used to create the frequency histogram. Although only 80 distinct values appear in the column, and 80 rows in the resulting histogram, I asked Oracle to generate a histogram with 120 buckets. There is a problem with dbms_stats and frequency histograms. From 9i onwards, Oracle started to create histograms by using the SQL I listed at the end of the Getting Started section. Unfortunately, this SQL will almost invariably fail to produce a frequency histogram if you ask for exactly the right number of buckets. To get Oracle to spot the frequency histogram I needed for my 80 values, I found that I had to request 107 buckets. This is a backward step when compared to the old analyze command, which would build a frequency histogram if you specified the correct number of buckets. In particular, this means that if you have more than about 180 distinct values in a column, you
To determine if the response is committed, the RenderResponse interface provides the isCommitted() method, which returns true if content has already been sent.
We ll use a simple state machine to keep track of the current operation and guide recording progress. The other instance variables will handle the actual media operations and the visual interface.
Getting Drupal Support
When errors occur in your integration solutions, BizTalk typically suspends the service instance encountering the error. Service is a generic term used to describe an area of BizTalk processing, such as orchestration, messaging, or adapter. Service instance refers to a specific instance of the orchestration, messaging, or adapter component. The troubleshooting tools of BizTalk are primarily used by
namespace EncryptionSink { public class EncryptionServerSinkProvider: IServerChannelSinkProvider { private byte[] _encryptionKey; private String _encryptionAlgorithm; private IServerChannelSinkProvider _nextProvider; public EncryptionServerSinkProvider(IDictionary properties, ICollection providerData) {
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