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account on the Exchange Server using information entered into Entourage.
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strXPathQuery = System.String.Format("//*[local-name()='Person'][{0}]",2); xmlDoc = xpath(msgIncoming,strXPathQuery); <ns1:Person xmlns:ns1="http://SampleSolution.Person"> <ID>2</ID> <Name>D. Hurley</Name> <Role>Artist</Role> <Age>45</Age> </ns1:Person> 5. To set the value of the <DateTime> element, use the following XPath query. Note that this must be done in a Message Assignment shape, since the value of the message is changing. The message used must first be constructed.
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Introducing Data Binding
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Once you have edited the build file to point to your portlet API JAR and XDoclet directory, you can run Ant to generate your portlet.xml and package your WAR file. On a Windows XP machine with JDK 1.4 and Ant 1.5.1, the output looks like this:
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sudo sso_util remove k a diradmin -p p@ssword
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For the first input parameter, verify that the inbound node, connected in step 2, is the first value in the list of properties. This is a value to be used in the search criteria. It s basically the same as the value used in a SQL WHERE clause. Set the second parameter, which is the connection string for the database. The connection string must be a full connection string with a provider, machine name, database, and either account/password or a flag indicating the use of Trusted Security mode in SQL. The connection string must include a data provider attribute. A lack of data provider attribute will generate a connection error when the map tries to connect to the database.
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How It Works You added a DELETE statement (and changed the name of the original query string variable from sql to del in order to clearly distinguish it from this statement):
Figure 5 8. Configuring an orchestration port for sending messages 12. On the Port Binding page, select I ll always be sending messages on this port for the port direction of communication. For port binding, select Direct, and select the first radio button. Routing between ports will be defined by filter expressions on incoming messages in the MessageBox database. Click Finish after making your selections.
c.Children.Add(r) let e = new Ellipse(Width=150.,Height=150.,Stroke=Brushes.Black) c.Children.Add(e) Canvas.SetLeft(e, 100.) Canvas.SetTop(e, 100.) e.MouseLeftButtonUp.Add(fun _ -> e.Fill <if e.Fill = (Brushes.Yellow :> Brush) then Brushes.Red else Brushes.Yellow ) At first, this example doesn t differ much from the one showing a button in a window: you create a Canvas object, which is a container for multiple UI elements, and add two graphic objects. In the Windows Form world, you d think of two graphic controls used for drawing, although they wouldn t blend because each traditional window is opaque. In fact, these two graphics primitives are represented by two objects and are retained by the presentation system; pick correlation and event dispatching are guaranteed by the graphical toolkit. Note that the ellipse is an outline, so the click event is raised only by clicking the outline; when the fill brush is specified, you can change the fill color by clicking inside the ellipse. Another relevant aspect is the positioning of an element: there is no Left or Top property because it s the responsibility of the container (in this case, the canvas) to lay out contained objects.
Figure 3 18. Editing a plist using Property List Editor
The publicly exposed elements of a class. A class can be created as an interface for other classes to implement. At the root, you access an instantiated class by calling the exposed members of its interface. The basic element of OOP. Everything in an object-oriented world is based on a class. A class is a logical entity, such as a Person, an Employee, or a Book. You work with classes by creating an instance of them and invoking the methods or properties provided by its interface. One element of a class s interface. A method is called by a consumer of the class to invoke some behavior. One element of a class s interface. A property is the element that holds a class s data. A property is accessed in order to get data about the class s current state (e.g., the background color of a web page). The concept of hiding the implementation of a class from the users of the class. Any consumers of a class should never know about any implementation details of a class, only the interface it provides.
Name of Chart Corresponding Data Set Interface
Many ISPs are now blocking access to mail being sent over port 25, the default port for SMTP without SSL. One unintended benefit to using SSL is that, once you have set your computer to send mail over SMTP using SSL, you will often no longer run into issues with getting your e-mail blocked when trying to send mail. One unintended annoyance is that you now may have to manage certificates for your mail by accepting, denying, or importing certificates. To add a different user s certificate to your cached certificates in Entourage, open an email that has been digitally signed, click the Info Bar, and click the View Details button. This opens a screen for viewing a user s certificate data. You can open the Certificates screen (as shown in Figure 7 15), which shows all your user certificates. By clicking a certificate and hitting the button in the certificates toolbar, you will be able to click View to see more information about the certificate. You can also click Delete to delete the certificate.
Well, that s enough XML for now. There s so much more you can learn about it, but very little we think we should try to teach you here. We believe that what we ve covered in this chapter is exactly what you most need to get started with a firm conceptual foundation that will make it easy to pursue further study of the huge and complex (and often confusing) world of XML.
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