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add value, although Flex has an advantage as a starting point, because the Flex stateful user interface already adds value. Many times you will add a service or data source to an existing application so the subject is already known. A good place to start is to get familiar with all the available APIs, and a good resource to find all the APIs that are available is http://www.programmableweb.com/apis.
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What We Called It
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Listing 6-11. Using the this Pointer // instance_tracker.cpp using namespace System; using namespace System::Collections::Generic; // ref type ref class R { static List<R^>^ instanceTrackingList; static R() { instanceTrackingList = gcnew List<R^>; } public: R(String^ s) { Label = s; instanceTrackingList->Add( this ); } property String^ Label; static int EnumerateInstances() { int i = 0; for each (R^ r in instanceTrackingList) { i++; Console::WriteLine( r->Label ); } return i; } ~R() // destructor { // When invoking a function through the this pointer, // use the indirection operator (->). this->!R(); }
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A disadvantage is that it can be more difficult to share your solution with others, if that is your intent. In the end, both approaches have their pros and cons. You need to determine which one is more suitable for your application, depending on your specific purpose and goals. For more information about these project types, refer to the MSDN documentation.
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Now that you know what a typed DataSet is, let s create one for our Employees table. To do so, you first need to add a typed DataSet to your project. Figure 7-16 shows the Add New Item dialog box of Visual Studio, through which you can add a new typed DataSet.
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Familiarity: People are very comfortable using their browsers, and may trust a browser more than a random app they have installed. Cost: You don t need to pay RIM for signature keys. Security: The user won t see security prompts or other warnings when they visit your site. Consistency across Apps: Users appreciate how pressing Back will always take them back one page, pressing the BlackBerry Menu key will always bring up options for bookmarking and entering a URL, etc. Potentially Faster Startup Time: If your app contains a lot of content, it will take a while to load it all into memory. On the Web with a fast data connection, users can start using the app as soon as the first page loads. You should keep some caveats in mind, especially if you are new to mobile web development. Browser Differences: If you develop a web site for the desktop, you ll probably be in good shape if it runs well in Firefox and Internet Explorer. If you re developing a general mobile web site, you need to be prepared to support dozens of different browsers, each with different versions and problems. Supporting all this can be a nightmare, especially if you use unusual features or want a goodlooking site. Lack of Control: The user drives the browser configuration, and many do choose to speed things up by disabling images or otherwise lowering their capabilities. Limited Capabilities: Web sites simply don t have access to many of a phone s capabilities, such as the microphone or the file system. Slow Connections: Many users are still using slower data networks, and others may be stuck with a weak signal. Don t assume that everyone is connecting over a fat pipe. Make the pages as small as possible, and consider offering a link to an even more limited version for very slow connections. No Connections: If the phone goes into a tunnel, deep into an office building, or out in the woods, the user will be totally cut off from your web site. Consider when and how people will want to use your app to determine if this is acceptable. Note that users can choose to make certain bookmarked pages available in offline mode; this is a good solution if you just present text or use Javascript on a single page, but not if you use multiple pages or AJAX-style dynamic content loading.
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There are various limitations that you can t handle with recursive-descent parsers. For instance, if you translate a left-recursive production into code, you get an infinite recursion, like so: <polynomial> ::= <polynomial> '+' <term> | <term> This corresponds to the following: let rec parsePolynomial src = let poly, src = parsePolynomial src ... Another common problem with LL(k) parsing for some k>=1 is that the grammar rules for a given nonterminal can t start with the same symbols, or else there is no easy way to decide which rule to apply (because each is determined to be applicable upon checking k number of symbols). In such cases, leftfactoring can be applied. For example, you can move the symbols after the common part into another production, as shown here: <polynomial> ::= <term> | <term> '+' <polynomial> can be refactored as <polynomial> ::= <term> <polymomialTail> <polynomialTail> ::= EPSILON | '+' <polynomial> Here, EPSILON is the empty symbol, so the function that parses polynomialTail both checks for a plus symbol and issues a call to parse a polynomial or exit in the absence of an initial plus symbol, leaving the input unchanged. Although this case is relatively simple (you can parse terms until they re followed by a plus sign iteratively), coding such grammar rules in the general case is cumbersome. Problems such as these arise because you have to make parsing decisions early on (such as deciding which grammar rule you re pursuing if there are multiple choices for a given nonterminal), because they construct the parse tree from the top and proceed downward. LR parsers, on the other hand, postpone these decisions as much as possible and construct the parse tree bottom-up, resulting in much more flexibility both in terms of how naturally grammar rules can be expressed and how they can be mapped into code.
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Implementing the Application
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6. Add the following field to the Form1 class declaration:
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Preparing the Virtual Machine for Mass Deployment
Here you can see that additional attributes were added to the individual <forms> element. To help you understand all of the different options and configurations in the web.config, examine Table 11-2 to see the attributes and descriptions of each. Table 11-2. Forms Authentication Attributes
Error.parameterCount: This allows you to create an error that defines that the parameter set passed to the function is incorrect.
To create the Flex client, the idea is again to avoid reinventing the wheel. So an obvious choice is to use an existing open source library such as as3-rpclib (http://code.google.com/p/as3-rpclib/), which seems the most robust open source library achieving this functionality for Flex (although at the time of writing it still claims to be in beta). The library implements HTTPService-based support for RPC over AMF0 (binary original AMF format), XML-RPC, and JSON-RPC (which is discussed next). The first step is to download the library and get the SWC file. Next, as with any Flex application (with Flex Builder), you create a Flex project and go with the defaults Then you add the as3-rpclib.swc file to the library path as shown in Figure 7-9.
Tip You might never choose to use grep for searching for text within files, but it can prove very handy
The CompleteInstance activity is provides as a designed activity. The workflow design for it is shown in Figure A-16.
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