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Working with Web 2.0 APIs
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Versioning each release of a portlet application can help you manage your portlet distributions. If you are releasing the WAR file to other groups or other organizations, the version can help you track down specific bugs for a release. You can also provide other information about the portlet application implementation, such as the title and vendor name. The versioning standard for a portlet application WAR archive is the same one used for Java Archive (JAR) files. The versioning information belongs in the WEB-INF/MANIFEST.MF file in the WAR archive. There are six different pieces of metadata that describe the versioning for a portlet application: title, vendor, and version both for the implementation and for the specification. It is up to you to specify the titles, versions, and vendors. Some portals may have tools that track
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Create the BAM Activity Workbook
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Figure 7-3. Add New Item window with Site Map selected 6. Here you will notice that the XML structure has already been provided along with the <sitemap> and <siteMapNode> elements. All you need to do is complete the attributes. 7. You have to populate the sitemap with the pages you added in step 3. Therefore, add the following values for Url, title, and description attributes to the web.sitemap le: < xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <siteMap xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/AspNet/SiteMap-File-1.0" > <siteMapNode url="Default.aspx" title="Home" description="Home Page"> <siteMapNode url="AboutUs.aspx" title="About Our Company" description="Our Company History" /> <siteMapNode url="Products.aspx" title="Products" description="Products From Our Company" /> <siteMapNode url="ContactUs.aspx" title="Contact Us" description="Contact Information" /> </siteMapNode> </siteMap> 8. The URLs match the Web Forms that are included in the chapter code samples. The site map is now added and configured for use in your web project. You are all set, now that you have added the site map to your project and the site map contents as demonstrated in step 5. With that foundation in place, let s get ready to explore the individual controls that will utilize the site map and provide navigation for your website.
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So now you ve implemented SQL persistence. Let s look at how this works. The instance state information is stored in the InstancesTable. Open the contents of this table using the Server Explorer. It should be similar to the contents shown in Figure 11-14.
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Working with Prerequisites
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Static Image Display in BlackBerry CLDC Applications
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I mentioned earlier that if a theme requires a plug-in and that plug-in is not present, you will get errors on your blog. Sometimes, depending on the place the error occurs, your blog page may not work at all. Take a look at Figure 16-18. Here, I have disabled the RSS Link List plug-in. The error on the page is at exactly the place the plug-in template function is called. No more of the template code is executed, even though the rest of the page would have displayed correctly. Imagine if you had a call to a template function at the beginning of your theme template. The resultant page might contain a cryptic error message and nothing else!
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AirPort Express
Figure 10-9. The 3D Application Switcher is displayed by pressing Windows+Tab.
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By default, Firestarter allows all types of outgoing connections and, as with its incoming connections policy, this is by no means a bad choice for the average user. It s certainly the option that involves the least fuss. However, by opting to go with a restrictive traffic policy, you can completely control what kind of data leaves your computer. Any type of data connection that isn t authorized will be refused; as far as the program sending the data is concerned, it will be as if your computer did not have a network or Internet connection. Here s how to set outbound connection rules:
Figure 19-2. Creating a WF 3.5 project The 3.5 workflow designer should be displayed, which is shown in Figure 19-3.
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