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You can make changes to enhance security. Whether you need to do it is up to you and the type of application or accessory you choose to develop. If you re a game developer or just tinkering, it s probably not that important. If, however, you re developing for the small business where security is a concern, then you ll want to know what you can do. The changes you need to make are simple. You even laid the groundwork early on when you were designing the game controller addition to your system. Although this is not always the best approach, you re going to add a global property (variable) made public from the application delegate that you ll use to pass the new position of the knob. You will need to do the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Add a publicly accessible parameter in the application delegate. Add access to the application delegate in the game controller object. Add access to the application delegate in the view controller object. From the game controller object set the position into the global variable. In the view controller, when you receive notification that the knob has changed, move the paddle to the new position identified by the global variable.
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To start, create a simple console application (do not use a workflow template), as shown in Figure 2-1.
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sonal font directory. The fonts will be copied across and installed automatically. In some of our tests, this happened instantly, and there was no indication copying had happened (such as a dialog box).
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The HTML form s action needs to point to the portlet. The details of how a URL points to a specific instance of a portlet are up to the portal container, so rather
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Modern programming language, which uses similar syntax to C, created by Microsoft and re-created on Linux via the Mono project.
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try { // send QUIT to commit the DELEs SendCommand("QUIT",false); } finally { // close the connection _pop3Stream.Close(); _pop3Response.Close(); _pop3Connection.Close(); } } With those two helper classes presented previously, you ll be able to access SMTP and POP3 servers without having to deal further with the details of those protocols. Nevertheless, what s still missing is a mapping between the .NET Remoting framework and those e-mail messages.
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Figure 10-12. Final look of the data table dtXML
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\Documents and Settings\ <username>\ My Pictures Various within My Documents
Download at
Compile and run the tests.Then you can see the results.
Because Plazmic is so strongly associated with native RIM behavior, it cannot be embedded into a MIDlet. Consider using Plazmic if you want a compact animation that will run on a wide number of RIM devices; avoid it if you want to use a more widely supported format or create interactive content.
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