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encrypt passwords = yes auth methods = guest opendirectory passdb backend = opendirectorysam guest printer admin = @admin, @staff server string = 318 Administrator s iBook G4 unix charset = UTF-8-MAC display charset = UTF-8-MAC dos charset = 437 client ntlmv2 auth = no os level = 8 defer sharing violations = no vfs objects = darwin_acls brlm = yes workgroup = Workgroup ; Using the Computer Name to compute the NetBIOS name. netbios name = 318-Administrat use spnego = yes [homes] comment = User Home Directories browseable = no read only = no ;[public] ; path = /tmp ; public = yes ; only guest = yes ; writable = yes ; printable = no [printers] path = /tmp printable = yes
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Now that you ve established a foreign key relationship from test_EmployeesResumes to test_Employees, let s see how SQL Server enforces both entity and referential integrity.
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In this chapter, you learned how to integrate third-party controls with client-side RS and how we can make use of RS to create a free-form report with live RSS feeds. Starting with the next chapter, we will dip into the world of Visual Studio 2008. We ll develop a report using the Windows Forms and Web Forms applications.
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Refers to the name of the database connectionString defined in the <connectionStrings> element. The name of the web application. A true-or-false value specifying if the provider will allow users to retrieve their password. A true-or-false value specifying if the provider will allow users to reset their password. A true-or-false value specifying if the provider will require users to supply a security question and answer. A true-or-false value specifying if the provider will only accept a unique email address. Specifies the format in which the password will be stored. Hashed, Encrypted, and Clear are the options. Note that the value chosen here will affect some of the preceding options for retrieving passwords. The provider name. The namespace of the provider.
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This is the project file that will be built; it contains all the configuration options specified in the New Team Build Type Creation Wizard. This file will define values for your projects. The actual build process is imported through another file, similarly to how desktop builds are imported for managed projects. This is a response file you can use during the team build. In this file you can configure any command-line options that should be sent to msbuild.exe when building your project. By default this is empty. This is an XML file that describes which project is being built. This will drive which projects are pulled from source control. You can modify this file, but it is not recommended. This file is processed by vcbuild.exe to build your C++ projects. If you are not building C++ projects, then this file will not be present.
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Once you click the Apply button on the toolbar (bear in mind that you can install more than one piece of software at once), you ll see the Summary dialog box, as shown in Figure 28-2. Here, you re once again asked to confirm what needs to be installed. If any software needs to be removed in order to handle dependency issues, you ll be told about this, too. Additionally, under the Summary heading, you ll be shown the total size of the files that will be downloaded, as well as the space required on your hard disk.
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There s No Compile Error, But the Report Runs With No Output
Create a new Flex project and call it AmazonServices. Below is the complete working code. Notice that you need to replace DEVELOPER_KEY string with your developer key, in order to run this example successfully.
Note Because of the way audio CDs work, you can t simply insert the disc and then drag-and-drop the
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