Note When a user submits a comment that is destined for the comment approval queue, she is shown
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The Skip() method skips the child elements and jumps directly to the next element. Skip() comes in handy when you want to bypass child nodes depending on a certain condition. Figure 3-6 shows how this method works.
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n1 = {constant} ind_pad = {constant} n2 = {constant} (Target: 1 row in 25, or 4% of the rows, or 0.04 * number of rows) (Target: 100% of the rows) (Target: 1 row in 20, or 5% of the rows, or 0.05 * number of rows)
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To create the Video Demo project, follow the steps you have used in previous examples in this book. 1. 2. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone on your workstation. Create a new Windows Phone Application by selecting File New Project on the Visual Studio command menu. Select the Windows Phone Application template, name the application RobotSoundDemo, and click OK.
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a check box field in the list of roles on each user s account details page (user/uid/edit), as well as on the permissions page. A role is not useful unless it has permissions assigned to it. To view the table of permissions and roles, navigate to administer access control (admin/access). This page lists all of the available permissions (rows) and the roles to which they are assigned (columns). Permissions are typically formulated as actions describing what they allow. For example, the Post Comments Without Approval permission, if granted, allows the comments posted by a user to appear immediately on the site, without further moderation. Otherwise, the comments need to be approved by someone who has the Moderate Comments permission. Since the Anonymous User role includes anyone who does not have an account or is not logged in, it should be given the fewest permissions. In the default Drupal installation, the Anonymous User role is granted only the Access Content permission. This guarantees that visitors to the site can read published blogs, stories, pages, and so on. The Anonymous User is not granted the Access Comments permission by default. If you would like anonymous visitors to read forum threads and other comments, you must explicitly grant them this right. A user may have more than one role. A user s permissions are the set of all permissions from all roles he is in, so the administrator has the opportunity to define layers of access (and responsibility) in the form of many roles, each with a small but targeted set of permissions. You might decide that your forums, for example, should be visible to anyone who visits the site. You would then grant the Anonymous User role the Access Comments permission, as forums are made up of many comments. If you decide that normal registered users should be allowed to post comments and you don t want to bother with reading each comment and approving it, you would grant the Authenticated User role the Post Comments Without Approval permission.
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Figure 9-1. Simple Binding form
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Figure 12 4. Soldering iron tip before and after cleaning
private function ioErrorHandler(event:IOErrorEvent):void { loader.contentLoaderInfo.removeEventListener (IOErrorEvent.IO_ERROR, ioErrorHandler); Alert.show(event.text); } private function securityErrorHandler(event:SecurityErrorEvent):void { loader.contentLoaderInfo.removeEventListener (SecurityErrorEvent.SECURITY_ERROR, securityErrorHandler); Alert.show(event.text); }
The Ellipse is used to draw a closed, curved shape. Its Height property contains its vertical height (i.e., double its vertical radius), and its Width property contains its horizontal width (i.e., double its horizontal radius). Here s an example of an Ellipse that is twice as wide as it is high, giving an eggshaped element.
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