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When a RuleSet is executed, each Rule is evaluated one by one, starting with the highest priority. It is possible that the Then or Else action of a Rule modifies a property used in a condition of a previous Rule. If that happens, the feature referred to as chaining means that the previous rules would be re-evaluated (and its Then or Else action executed as appropriate). Rule evaluations would then continue from where it left off. Let me give you a scenario to help illustrate this. Suppose that we had the following rules in priority order: 1. 2. 3. 4. if nTotal > 10 && bSuccess Then nResult = 5 Else nResult = -1 if nTotal > 20 Then bSuccess = True if nResult > 3 Then bSuccess = False if nTotal > 20 Then bSuccess = False
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Sys.Services.ProfileService.properties.Property1 = document.form1.txtP1.value; Sys.Services.ProfileService.properties.Property2 = document.form1.txtP2.value; Sys.Services.ProfileService.save(null, OnProfileSaveCompleted, null, null);
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Let s assume we hosted this web site with the local IIS. Now, what do you think this site is supposed to do This site will appear as a blank page inside the user s browser with nothing to display. Therefore, before we build the site, let s add ReportViewer to it.
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<Canvas xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/client/2007" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" Width="640" Height="480" Background="White" x:Name="Page" > <Canvas Width="214" Height="145" Canvas.Top="59" Canvas.Left="8"> <Rectangle Width="191" Height="104" Fill="White" Stroke="Black" Canvas.Top="19"/> </Canvas> <Canvas Width="254" Height="162" Canvas.Left="69" Canvas.Top="129"> <Rectangle Width="211" Height="154" Fill="Black" Stroke="Black"/> </Canvas> </Canvas>
portlet can ask the portlet request for the current portlet mode. The getPortletMode() method on the PortletRequest object returns a PortletMode object.
Fortunately, starting with device software version 4.2.1, RIM has offered developers an API that allows insight into the user s current permissions settings. Since you know what resources your app needs to function, you can inspect the current settings and display a message if they are wrong. Even better, you can ask the user to change them. RIM does not allow an app to force its permissions preferences upon the user. This would defeat the whole point of user-controlled permissions, and allow malicious apps a clear shot at whatever they wanted. RIM s solution is fairly elegant: your app can describe the specific permissions it wants, and then the BlackBerry will ask the user to confirm the changes. Of course, the user may decide that she does not want to give you all the permissions you ask for. Your app can examine the permissions again and decide how it wants to proceed. If you simply cannot function, you may exit the app or continue asking for permissions. Otherwise, continue running normally, perhaps warning the user about what degradation she will see. 9-1 shows the permissions that are available to query and change. All are defined in the ApplicationPermissions class.
Domain: The Active Directory domain for your organization. Password: The Active Directory password for the Account ID that
Security and Single Sign-On
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