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Printing and Sorting
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.NET Data Type
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Figure 3-2. A SQL edit window
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Step 3: Writing the C# Code
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It s generally thought to be bad style to combine delayed computations (that is, laziness) and side effects. This isn t entirely true; for example, it s reasonable to set up a read from a file system as a lazy computation using sequences. However, it s relatively easy to make mistakes in this sort of programming. For example, consider the following code: open System.IO let reader1, reader2 = let reader = new StreamReader(File.OpenRead("test.txt")) let firstReader() = reader.ReadLine() let secondReader() = reader.ReadLine() // Note: we close the stream reader here! // But we are returning function values which use the reader // This is very bad! reader.Close() firstReader, secondReader // Note: stream reader is now closed! The next line will fail! let firstLine = reader1() let secondLine = reader2() firstLine, secondLine This code is wrong because the StreamReader object reader is used after the point indicated by the comment. The returned function values are then called, and they try to read from the captured variable reader. Function values are just one example of delayed computations: other examples are lazy values, sequences, and any objects that perform computations on demand. Be careful not to build delayed
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If you have been running SQL against the data dictionary (e.g., from packages that dynamically generate new partitions for partitioned tables), then you may find that there is some benefit in having dictionary statistics in place. You may also find that such statistics introduce a performance problem when you upgrade. Don t forget to test your housekeeping code as part of your regression tests on upgrade.
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Add the following activities to the CollectionsWF() method just before the final WriteLine activity: new If { Condition = new ExistsInCollection<ListItem>() { Collection = myList, Item = new LambdaValue<ListItem> (env => new ListItem("Ice Cream")) }, Then = new WriteLine { Text = "You don't really need Ice Cream " } }, This adds an If activity, and the Condition property is an ExistsInCollection activity. The ExistsInCollection activity expects two input arguments the collection to be searched and the item you re looking for and returns a Boolean to indicate whether the item was found. A new ListItem object is created and passed in. Notice, however, that only the Description is specified. This is because that s the only property used for making the comparison.
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How It Works
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When taking a picture, you must display the viewfinder within your app screen, as shown in Figure 2-4.
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For, While, and Until Statements
./createmobileaccount -n mobileadmin -p MYSECRETPASSWORD -h /Volumes/JUMPDRIVE/Users/mobileadmin
You must not delete the default WebForm1.aspx as this will be used by Visual Studio to start the debugger. Now as soon as you hit F5, VS .NET will open an Internet Explorer window that displays this empty WebForm1.aspx. You can ignore this IE window, but you must not close it, because this would stop the debugger. Instead, you can go to your server-side implementation code in VS .NET and simply set breakpoints, view variables, and so on as if you were running in a normal remoting host.
You can edit your XAML with the Visual Designer, with the Property Editor, or in code view. For example, you can see that the background of the main Canvas is white, so you can edit this by selecting the Properties view and editing the background property to a different color, or by simply going into the code view and typing a new color (e.g., Black) into the contents of the Background attribute. Next, you can draw each of the color cells that are used by the animation game. These are drawn as rectangles with rounded corners. On the toolbar at the left of the screen, you can see the Rectangle tool. Select this and drag out a rectangle. You should see a white rectangle on the screen. You can round off its corners using the RadiusX and RadiusY properties. Set these to 20 to get nice rounded corners. Now fill in the rectangle with a color. What I did for the game was default the colors to a dim mode. Then, to light them up, I raised the intensity by using an animation. You ll see the animation shortly, but first I ll show you how to set the color. Silverlight uses 8-bit values for each of the red, green, and blue channels. Under this, pure blue would involve setting 0 for red, 0 for green, and 255 for blue. My dimmed blue would have half of this value so 0 for red, 0 for green, and 127 for blue. Figure 16-9 shows the rectangle being colored in this way.
When using a server with PHP, you can usea lightweight open source PHP proxy script that handles two types of data: RESTful methods of GET and PUT and binary data such as SWF files or images. Keep in mind that PHP supports the CURL method in order for this script to work. The following example loads XML/text:
mcxquery user johndoe computer 00:1f:f3:d1:d5:c7
The System.Xml.XPath namespace provides classes and enumerations for finding and selecting a subset of the XML document. These classes provide a cursor-oriented model for navigating through and editing the selection. The classes include XPathDocument, XPathExpression, XPathNavigator, XPathNodeIterator, and more.
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