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Finally, you need to create some content to browse to on the secure web site. In the real world, this would most likely be the service returning some sort of sensitive data, such as financial information. However, for this walkthrough, you will simply create an HTML file and save it onto the server.
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We use a sales invoice once a product is sold or service is rendered to a customer. In a credit sale, it is a customer s duty to pay the invoiced amount before the due date. Different businesses have various policies of credit days that customers can enjoy before settling the invoice amount. The Aged Accounts Receivables report helps the collections department staff to look for the age of all outstanding sales invoices. In our example, highlighting the invoices that are overdue by 90 days or more helps the collections department take action.
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' Execute query to get number of employees Console.WriteLine( _ "Before INSERT: Number of employees = {0}", cmdqry.ExecuteScalar()) ' Execute nonquery to insert an employee cmdnon.Parameters("@fname").Value = fname cmdnon.Parameters("@lname").Value = lname Console.WriteLine( _ "Executing statement " & cmdnon.CommandText) cmdnon.ExecuteNonQuery() Console.WriteLine( _ "After INSERT: Number of employees = " & cmdqry.ExecuteScalar()) ' Execute nonquery to delete an employee cmdnon.CommandText = sqldel Console.WriteLine( _ "Executing statement " & cmdnon.CommandText) cmdnon.ExecuteNonQuery() Console.WriteLine( _ "After DELETE: Number of employees = " & cmdqry.ExecuteScalar()) Catch e As Exception ' Display error Console.WriteLine("Error: " & e.ToString) Finally ' Close connection conn.Close() End Try End Sub End Module
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All Good Things
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Listing 7-2. Embedding a Browser in a MainScreen import java.io.IOException; import java.util.*; import javax.microedition.io.*; import import import import import import net.rim.device.api.browser.field.*; net.rim.device.api.io.http.HttpHeaders; net.rim.device.api.system.Application; net.rim.device.api.ui.*; net.rim.device.api.ui.component.LabelField; net.rim.device.api.ui.container.*;
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Just as the value I enter for m_history matches the freelists setting for the table, the clustering_factor suddenly changes from much too big to really quite reasonable! It s hard to believe that this is entirely a coincidence. So using Oracle s own function for calculating the clustering_factor, but substituting the freelists value for the table, may be a valid method for correcting some errors in the clustering_factor for indexes on strongly sequenced data. (The same strategy applies if you use multiple freelist groups but multiply freelists by freelist groups to set the second parameter.) Can a similar strategy be used to find a modified clustering_factor in other circumstances I think the answer is a cautious yes for tables that are in ASSM tablespaces. Remember that Oracle currently allocates and formats 16 new blocks at a time when using automatic segment space management (even when the extent sizes are very large, apparently). This means that new data will be roughly scattered across groups of 16 blocks, rather than being tightly packed. Calling Oracle s sys_op_countchg() function with a parameter of 16 could be enough to produce a reasonable clustering_factor where Oracle currently produces a meaningless one. The value 16 should, however, be used as an upper bound. If your real degree of concurrency is typically less than 16, then your actual degree of concurrency would probably be more appropriate. Whatever you do when experimenting with this function don t simply apply it across the board to all indexes, or even all indexes on a particular table. There will probably be just a handful of critical indexes where it is a good way of telling Oracle a little more of the truth about your system in other cases you will simply be confusing the issue.
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prompted to select default environment settings.
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type stmt = | Assign | While | Seq | IfThen | IfThenElse | Print
workings of the kernel and terminate individual processes, crashed programs can be cleaned up with negligible impact on the rest of the system.
So now that you know how to return data from SQL Server Management Studio, let s look at using T-SQL and probably the T-SQL statement you will use most often: the SELECT.
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